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Protective Filter Portable
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One of the very few products Hori has brought State-side, the PFPs for the PSP have that robust, rock-solid quality of Hori's other console products (see entry 898, for instance). I slapped one of these babies on my PSP the minute I took it out of its box, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
The filter is a transparent piece of thin, flexible plastic, with a very slight "special silicon material" adhesive on one side. It comes encased in two protective clear layers: you peel off the back one, apply the sticky side of the filter to your PSP screen, then pull off the other one and voila! a perfectly-protected PSP screen.
First, though, you gotta clean your screen, and for that Hori even includes a dust cloth. The cloth itself sheds little cloth dust, though, so it's sort of a crapshoot when wiping a nearly clean screen as to whether you're going to get a wipe that doesn't leave any new bits of stuff behind. But with perseverence you'll get it, and then encase your minty fresh screen in their filter's tough anti-scratch material.
Now, I don't know if the filter is any more anti-scratch than the PSP screen itself, or if the PSP screen is very prone to scratching in the first place. It sure collected dust and grime easily, though, and it seems easier to brush that stuff off this filter than off the screen, which almost magnetizes dust to it, I could swear. So yeah, filter seems good. It's just a bit bigger than the screen dimensions, so it overlaps the casing by a millimeter at the sides for a good solid fit. You can reset it a few times without losing adhesive power, as I had to do when it turned out that a chunk of something had come stuck to the back of the filter. No problem though, as it tamped back down just fine, and shows no signs of peeling off.
Then again, I've had it on there for less than a day, so we'll see. But it's nice to have some peace of mind when sliding the PSP and its big, grime-loving screen into my pocket.

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