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Me & My Katamari
  opened by paleface at 03:33:27 03/30/06  
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  paleface [sys=PSP; cat=Puzzle; reg=NA]
The willfully bizarre action puzzle game of rolling up things into "katamari" balls goes handheld, keeping the rolling action and the intensely strange humor intact. The biggest obstacle would seem to have been finding some way to make up for the loss of the PS2's dual analog control, and they've pulled that off quite well by substituting the D-pad and face buttons. From there, it seems to be smooth sailing, as the King of the Universe (your daddy) once again has you rolling up everything under the sun in a variety of levels.
Like the console versions, the game uses a "virtual" menu system, where instead of just browsing around a list of words, you maneuver your character around to various parts of his tropical island home to access game functions and stages. This is a little less efficient than a text menu, needless to say, but it does give the series a certain charm.
Load times are quite brisk, and framerates at least as good as the PS2 installments (which were sometimes a little chuggy, admittedly). Like the previous games in the series, Me & My boasts an eclectic soundtrack of...what do you call them? Lounge pop songs? Barbershop groove? Anyway, it's got 'em. It's also got all the obsessive collection-viewing options of its predecessors, and LAN network battle mode, which I haven't tried, and probably never will.
I've read, I think, that this one is pretty short, and repeats some levels. Well, what can you do. It is definitely a Katamari game, however, and on the face of things, quite up to speed with the rest of them. I've yet to get too in-depth with any of them, I will admit, and maybe there's something that puts me off from getting into the rolling action (too much inertia? :P), but if you've liked the other Katamaris, I don't see why this one wouldn't be right up your alley too.
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