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We Love Katamari
  opened by paleface at 02:33:59 12/06/05  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Puzzle; reg=NA]
Sequel to the incredibly wacky Katamari Damacy (see entry 675) has you once again rolling up things into balls for the entertainment of your big daddy, the fickle King of the Cosmos.
This time, various freakish distant relatives of yours get involved in the action, becoming playable characters. I think some of them may have slightly different abilities (faster, for instance), but I'm not sure about that yet. They're all weird-looking, though, which is good. In fact the whole game is yet again weird and wacky, with great music, yet in different styles from the first game.
The rolling action pretty much remains the same. Aside from the family members, the main addition I've seen so far comes with the addition of co-op play, and of vs. play in Story mode. It seems that you can join in with a second player at any time when you're in the crazy menu planets, and then, if you both go to the same spot to start a stage, you'll both show up there! If it's a normal stage, one of you will be on the left of the katamari, and one on the right, and you have to move in tandem to roll the thing. This can be a little frustrating, or pretty fun, depending on your team chemistry. I'd have liked to see an option to have each player rolling their own katamari, maybe with a much harsher time limit that single-player, or something.
In the vs. bits, the King will challenge the two of you in his usual offhand, casually insulting way, to beat each other (or rather, not to lose) collecting more things in your katamari. There may be more types of challenges than that, too; that's just the first and only one I've seen so far.
Have barely touched the single-player yet. I still need to go back and finish rolling up the prequel.
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