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Cotton 2
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How did I not have an entry and video on this? Dang. Well, anyway, in Cotton you fly around the screen as a cute little witch on a broomstick, zapping things with magical bolts as you scroll along from left to right.
Bad guys drop crystals that you can shoot to juggle for points; pick them up to get power shots of different elements (indicated by the crystal's color), like ice, fire, etc.
In Cotton 2 you can grab enemies and throw them into other enemies for pretty impressive little destructive scoring chains. You can get some kind of combos or something going here (I was watching someone else doing the comboing) and I suppose get into some |337 scoring. You can pick up the first boss after you kill him, which is kind of funny since he's this bug wooly snow ape thing as tall as the screen.
As shooters go, it's relatively slow, with obstacle-thick levels. I'm not incredibly keen on all the juggling and so forth, personally. The graphics are pretty, with a purple gothic night-time witch theme, and lots of gratuitous sprite scaling and rotation on Sega's STV hardware.
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