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SuperLite 1500 Series: Cotton Original - Fantastic Night Dreams
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  ""Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams" on PS1 and NGPC."
Pretty much the same game as the NGPC version (see entry 55) only with much better graphics and sound. Your little super-deformed witch flies along on her broom, shooting and bombing (pressing both buttons at once repeatedly, sigh) all kinds of freakish monsters out to molest her. Or are they after her much more scantily-clad and adult-looking little Option fairies? You can get up to at least three fairy Options, and heck maybe more if you're better than me. Bombing and shooting at once these add up to pretty hefty firepower, and Cotton can supplement this by holding Fire for a big elemental charge attack, or holding Bomb for a fairy-throwing guided-missile-like attack.
Oh yeah, and you knock gems out of badguys, and then juggle them along while shooting, to transform them into a more powerful color for charge attacks, sorta like the bell-juggling in Twinbee (see entry 65). The juggling thing still fails to delight me and pretty much gets irritating. There's another obscure mechanic whereby Cotton gains experience points and "levels up" as you go along. This extends the EXP meter but I'm not sure what else it does.
Between stages you can click through little Japanese slideshows where Cotton yells at her little fairy, and once in a while you get a little innocent fairy T&A--that goes for the menus, too. All well and good.
The bosses are big and screen-filling, and the game throws in some funky ground or background-warping effects from time to time. The color palette seems a little thinner than the PS1 is capable of, but the framerate remains pretty brisk throughout.
This all adds up to... a pretty mediocre shooter with hot fairy action, because aside from the gem-juggling, which I find annoying, the shooting is pretty brainless and somewhat slow-paced. It's cute and all and a perfectly decent effort but, eh, somehow it fails to move me. It would like to be a "cute-em-up" but none of the regular opponents stand out and the levels are mostly pretty dull. In fact I like this better on the NGPC because at least there it's pushing the limits of the system.
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