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The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai
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The North American version of the DC port of SNK's Neo*Geo fighting game differed from the Japanese version (see entry 1294) in ways both expected and otherwise:
- The dithering of the graphics seen in the Japanese version has been cured, thankfully.
- An additional rendering filter kicks in during fights, smoothing out the pixels in a nice high-res, anti-aliased way similar to "Eagle" etc modes in emulators (not that nasty blur effect seen way to often in PS2 ports). This is kind of neat, but it would have been nice to have had the option to disable it, especially since it causes some additional artifacting when the backgrounds are panning or scaling, and on effects like character shadows and sword swipes that flicker quickly to simulate transparency; in other words, there's some funky flickering going on during fights that wouldn't have been there if this filter hadn't been added.
- No Hanafuda card game mode, and the Hanafuda card artwork has been removed from the art gallery.
- No cool full-color art book stuff.
- No blood; extra blood sprites have been removed, and blood in other animations is white rather than red.
- English language menus and win quotes, of course.
  paleface 14:36:30 03/20/16
The rendering smoothing effect is actually the same as in the Japanese version (which also are not dithered any more than the US version, at least not when played via composite video cable rather than the SCART cable I had been using): it gets stronger as the camera zooms out (when the characters move farther apart during a fight). It's kind of cleverly done, really, and maybe it's even for the best when seen through blurry composite video anyway, but an option to toggle it on or off wouldn't have hurt.
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