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Virtua Fighter 3tb
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]

Happily surprised by this; I had the North American version back in the day (which came out a year later with at least several improvements over the JPN version, which was a DC launch title: character shadows were no longer broken into a bunch of pieces, and it had a dedicated player VS menu item, instead of making 2P press Start while 1P was playing the arcade mode), and my first impression of it, which scared me off permanently, was that it was tremendously gray and stiff, and graphically crude (compared to Soul Calibur)--but now that I'm playing it on a real arcade stick (Hori PS4 2017 RAPV w/ Sanwa controls, via Brook Super Converter), the control feels *really* sharp, maybe even sharper than VF4 and 5.
I mean, this thing feels really good to control--which is huge after the horror of losing your inputs all the time, even if the CPU just bumps into you, in VF2 (see entry 1378). Really good. I do hate having evade (or "Escape" as this version calls it) on a separate, fourth button...but then again I'm horrible at evading in 4 and 5, so maybe it's for the best I can just forget about that button now entire. ; )
There's a camera switching button which is horrible, and an accidental press can lose you the round. Unmapped. : P
There is no autosave, and after loading you have to set the button setting back to Custom to have your mapping work again, it seems. Bleh!
Very limited on modes for single-player, basically you've got a regular Arcade mode and then a 3-on-3 team version, KOF-style (and it will re-use characters from stage to stage!).
The uneven terrain stages are great, the characters look surprisingly good (newcomers Aoi and Taka-Arashi may never have been better), the music is *really* this is just a good VF, even in this iffy port by Genki.
Oh, and playing through as Wolf, was surprised to find that I faced Aoi on the "final" stage (Dural remains the "bonus" stage opponent--and she's gold!!). On the default "Normal" difficulty, it was surprisingly a bit breezy up to that point; until Aoi, the opponents didn't feel like they were getting tougher after the first stage or two. It was a decent start point, hopefully the higher difficulties can pose a decently beefy challenge for extended play, though.
The advanced Virtua Fighter 3 YouTuber I mentioned was "oneida," who can really show what makes VF3 special:
  paleface 22:16:10 11/04/20
  paleface 19:11:44 01/09/21
Note to self: can't seem to figure out how to escape the History video other than mashing buttons + Start to reboot the console, so be careful. : P
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