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Star Trigon
  opened by paleface at 21:21:18 06/22/22  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Puzzle; reg=NA]

Single-button action puzzle game by Namco's Project Driller team for PC, under $10 download from Amazon:
Was originally a 2002 arcade game (see entry 482) on Namco's System 10 board, derived from PlayStation hardware. Released 2008 on iOS (quickly made incompatible by iOS updates, I'm told), and in 2009 for PC on time with a Story Mode.
Crazy game! = o Real bad at it, got slightly better after I switched from bluetooth to regular keyboard midway through. : P And before that the game got glitched out and I had to restart it. = o
  paleface 21:40:40 07/02/22
Like Project Driller's "Mr. Driller" games, contrary to the cute wrappings, Trigon becomes a frantic dash against horrible klaxons and a hideous demise--now with constant spinning around!--and I don't find myself all that tempted to return.
  paleface 13:14:15 10/27/22
The game has an "Accessibility Mode" option that, I'm told--and this is echoed by a big warning screen that comes up, which is as far as I've gone with it--lets the user operate the entire game, menus and all, with presses of a single button.
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