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Star Trigon
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  "Team Driller did Star Trigon too."
By now you know that Team Driller, or Driller Team or whatever, makes absolutely brilliant games--all the Mr. Driller games, for instance (like entry 175, Drill Land). What you may not know is that they also do brilliant spin-offs.
In Star Trigon you can play as Mr. Driller himself, Susumu, or two other characters who vary in speed and, the theory goes, air consumption. Like the Driller games you have gorgeously bold 2D graphics, amazing music and only one button to worry about. Unlike the Driller games, you ONLY have one button--you don't use the stick at all in this game.
How's this work? Well, your dude finds himself shooting through stage after stage of little solar systems, between whose tiny planets are trapped poor little puffy yellow guys in need of rescue. How do you rescue them? Simple--with triangles. As you use the gravitational pull of the planetoids to whip yourself around the solar system (the button kicks you off from spinning around a planet's surface to send you flinging through interplanetary), you attempt to surround the stranded puffballs in triangular paths--rescue by triangulation, you might say. So it's all about timing and angles and, of course, rescuing all the puffballs in the system before you run out of air.
If it sounds simple that's because it is. Simply superb! The presentation is everything you could hope for from the Driller Team masters, and as your gravitational velocity increases the tension mounts to planet-busting proportions--one tiny microsecond's error in pushing that button will send you hurtling to your death in the vastness of space. Heavy.
Bonus stages, cute characters and high scores abound. Even though this runs on the arcade version of the PS1 hardware, I suppose it'll never get ported to console--so get your quarters in if you ever find it in a Japanese arcade.
  paleface 05:13:45 05/04/04
Oh wait, maybe they're called Project Driller. Anyway, they're good.
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