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Mr. Driller Drill Land
  opened by paleface at 03:32:22 08/25/03  
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  paleface [sys=GC; cat=Puzzle; reg=JPN]
There are few games that seem really magical to me; games which, by some seeming alchemy beyond the ability of mortals, transport my imagination entirely to another realm, a realm of endless delights where time passes without being noticed. This is one of those games. I won't bore you with descriptions of all the varied and ingenious gameplay modes based on the simple yet addictive action of drilling downward through large colored blocks: you can look these details up in FAQs and reviews, thank goodness. I will say, though, that this is a game I can play all day long without realizing it, and look up and see that it has become dark outside and not regret a minute of the time spent--and then probably laugh and go back and play some more.
Fittingly, the game itself is set in an amusement park that bears more than a passing similarity to Disneyland, without the gum on the seats. This is a happy game; it must have been made by happy people, and it has to the power to make those playing it smile in spite of whatever else may be going on. Even when it is beating you down mercilessly at the higher levels you cannot stay mad at it and you'll willingly go back for another try, and another, and another.
As if this weren't enough, the game presents you with some of the most gorgeously styled 2D graphics ever to grace the small screen. But even these visual delights pale before the incredible soundtrack, recorded from live instruments and even featuring a number of tracks with excellently sung lyrics. Not only that, but your playing unlocks innumerable little presents for you, such as animated movies, collectable "cards" and 3D gewgaws, and even special items that you can use to enhance your little driller's abilities during gameplay.
If you've got people over, settle down for some uproariously exciting four-player multiplayer action in two different gameplay modes. It's true that these will leave you wanting more, as they're more mini-game in scope than a full-fledged multiplayer game, but they're very fun in limited spurts. Perhaps we can hope that in the next Mr. Driller game they flesh the multiplayer component out into as rich and varied an experience as single player (more than one short looping musical track for the multiplayer modes would be particularly appreciated) but as yet Mr. Driller is still mainly a single-player game, and one of the best that has ever been.
Supports progressive scan.
  paleface 14:37:52 09/12/22 [title updated]
The actual title spelling is "Mr.Driller Drill Land"; in the PS4 etc HD remake, they're trying to move the space and restyle it as "Mr. Driller DrillLand." ; P
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