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Mr. Driller Drill Land Demo Vers.
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Playing through the only available game mode, the beginner-level 500m World Tour course, in Mr.Driller Drill Land Demo Vers.--the free demo version of Mr.Driller Drill Land (or "Mr. Driller DrillLand" as they're now trying to style this HD version of the 2002 GameCube game : P)--on PS4, at Classic difficulty: checking the options, the five alternate characters, playing through the 500m challenge several times with different characters, obsessing about slow suffocating death--you know, the essential Driller stuff!
The FULL version of Mr.Driller Drill Land for PS4 and PS5 is on sale, through 9/14, for $8.99 on the PlayStation store--but I could only get the sale price to come up if I used the store through a web browser: ; when I looked it up in the PS Store app on my PS4, it still showed the regular $29.99 price! So I bought it through the browser for $8.99 and told it from there to download it on my PS4, and that worked. Weird though!
In fact the demo and full version are like separate SKUs or programs or whatever, so you can have both installed at once! And I suppose that's also why when I went to buy the full version in the browser, it warned me that "You already own another edition"--by which I guess it meant the demo! ; D The warning is just (slightly inaccurately) advisory, and doesn't prevent you from buying the full version.
The sale got me...but I was gonna be relatively happy for a while with just this demo version, because it's sort of the most fun part of the Mr.Driller experience: the happy funtimes beginning, before it gets all hard and suffocating in the full games. = o
Gah I can't keep my Drillers straight: Mr. Driller G is on PS1, not GBA; the other GBA one after Mr. Driller 2 is Mr. Driller A.
The demo doesn't save your scores or settings once you've quit; heck, every time you start the demo back up, you gotta re-approve the EULA and privacy policy again, too! : P
The new "Casual" difficulty option reduces a character's air loss by 50%--not really something you need in the shallow 500m you do in the demo.
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