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Mr. Driller Drill Land
  opened by paleface at 18:09:56 09/26/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Puzzle; reg=NA]
The game has what appears to be wiggle room but is actually really precise game and gamey physics: a block won't squish you if you aren't standing on the block beneath it in the exact frame in which it lands. So if you're just starting to climb the block next to it, your foot having just left the ground the frame BEFORE the block landed, it will clip pretty much entirely through you but you'll pull off a seemingly miraculous escape! = D
  paleface 18:15:40 09/26/22
  paleface 17:51:43 09/27/22
Wikis spell Anna's last name Hottenmeyer, here though it's Hottenmaier.
  paleface 17:53:30 09/27/22
Speaking of, says 'Anna's name is a pun on the Japanese phrase Ana o hotte (穴を掘って), which means "digging a hole".'
  paleface 23:11:34 09/27/22

Mr. Driller combines sorta cutesy but also great graphic design with humor and pin-point arcade action, and it's really looking sharp now in 1080p or whatever.
There's an apparently new "Casual" difficulty level added; you have to choose between that or "Classic" at the beginning. Haven't tried Casual because I'm that hard-core, ahrrr.
You can still play classic Mr. Driller mode in the "World Tour." I find the gameplay in the other "Attractions"--and the boss pursuit stage--gimmicky; they didn't really do anything to improve upon the regular gameplay. The character interaction in the story scenes was fun, but I probably won't be playing through again; my idea is to work on achieving deeper depths in World Tour! It's weird though that I can't seem to find a regular leaderboard--just a weekly one! Even just the second stage of World Tour--1000m--is down to only a half-dozen or so entries on the leaderboard now... It'd be nice to have a full leaderboard there so scores would stick around to compete against!
So for me it's basically having classic Driller, with six playable characters with different approaches to try if you want, a super lovely presentation, and easy to access now on PS4. And I got it on sale at a steal from PSN! : D
The Level 2, 1000m depth in World Drill Tour mode is already a tough nut for me to crack 'p', seem to be getting furthest so far as main character Susumu's moody brother, speedy Ataru.
The 3D hub world interface was not designed for such high contrast and fidelity and actually does look worse now--and has been overworked to higher texture and shading detail, which I don't think has helped--but ah well, you don't have to see it for more than a few seconds.
Back in the day on DC, GBA, PS1, and GC, I always fell off the Driller games, eventually feeling the creeping horror of inevitable stifling or crushing underground. It gets really hard, and the dig-air-pills-out-from-around-X-blocks thing can start to feel really repetitive. (That's why they added gimmicks in other modes I guess but they just don't feel compelling enough to return to.) Will having it this accessible and thinking of it strictly as a score attack finally let me stick with it?
(Can I stick with score attack in ANY game?)
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