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Mr. Driller G
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  "Some of the other modes."
Just attaching a manual scan for now.
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  "Mr. Driller G, A and Drill Land have a puzzle-action-RPG mode with block-destroying spell gems."
Namco's Driller Team makes some good stuff, and Mr. Driller G is one of the best examples you can buy. Like the arcade version (see entry 430), this one has a single-player mission mode where you dig through ever-deeper areas and vs modes where you can race or combat a second player. But oh, there's more! The home version has a few "Time Attack" stages--not as many as the first Mr. Driller (see entry 388) I think, unless more unlock later, but they can do things like flip the screen around. And then it has the extensive "Scenario" mode in which you don't lose air with time, but with each drill you make, and you can find gems to help take out the blocks--this would be developed much more fully later in Mr. Driller A (see entry 174) and Mr. Driller: Drill Land (see entry 175).
So if all this stuff is in other Drillers, why would you want this one? Well, for one thing the specific scenarios in the others aren't in this one, it's a different story and all--sure the story is in Japanese, but you can still watch the oh-so-cute characters interact with each other (Susumu looks pretty funny in civvies, and you also get to see Anna kick his butt). This particular Driller installation also happens to have what I think is the most extensive set of awesome Driller tunes in any one game--Drill Land would recycle many of them.
If you don't dig on the puzzle action gameplay of drilling downward through collapsing blocks, dodging falling blocks and fighting for air capsules, while incredibly cute and colorful super-deformed characters cavort about the screen, then you probably still won't like this Driller. I suppose even the six super-cute and slightly-differently-playing characters won't make any difference to you either. If you are someone like this, I advise you to go get a sense of fun somewhere.
Oh! G has an internet ranking thing, I think you'd get a password or something and register it with, but that service seems to have gone offline sometime last year, so tough beans, the internet has bitten you in the ass again.
  paleface 02:40:27 02/10/17
This is a funky beast in terms of video output modes. Menus, real-time cinematics, and 1P gameplay run in something akin to 480i--rather unusual for a PS1 game. But FMVs and 2P gameplay (including vs CPU that occurs during certain stages in Scenario mode, for instance--like the very first one) run in something like 240p. Causes some headache for video capture! (Also, when converted to digital anyway the two modes come out in slightly different aspect ratios : o.)
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