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Mr. Driller
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The only Driller game to come to the States and this is by far the best version of it as it looks and sounds brilliant in high resolution on the DC. They converted from meters to feet in bringing it over, very obliging of them. It didn't help of course as from all indications the game sold like-- well, didn't sell, and Namco has never tested these Driller-hostile waters again. In the short view of course this is to your benefit as you can find unwanted copies of this game for super cheap.
If you have any interest at all in 2D games, in cute and crazy Japanese stuff, in mind-shatteringly-difficult action puzzle strategy games, you will own this game. Or rather, it will own you. As a bonus, the graphics and audio feature some of the most gorgeous design you will find in any video game anywhere.
Not too many modes in this one compared to later Drillers but on the plus side there's Time Attack mode with lots of nasty pre-designed stages, and the only other Time Attack in a Driller game is in the GBA's Mr. Driller 2 (entry 173).
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