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Omega Entertainment Machine
  opened by paleface at 20:51:05 07/12/22  
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  paleface [sys=NEO; cat=Hardware; loc=NA]
A fairly sleek-looking consolized NEOGEO 1-slot MVS made by Arcade Works, with a video out capable of multiple formats--particularly sharp using the custom component cable. Cartridges plug in with a meaty K-chunk!
The only two minor things I don't like are the top vents, which could let dust drift down into the interior, and the NEOGEO AES joystick ports, which are not particularly strongly attached to the casing, so you've got to be a bit careful with them.
Comes with a Unibios BIOS chip installed; mine is a somewhat older one I got off eBay, so it's only Unibios version 3.3--still lets you switch between AES and MVS, regions, toggle "Cheats" for blood and bounce in KOF 2000 and turn off Flash, supers, and contintues, etc. One thing I really like is that by going back and forth between AES and MVS, in 2000 you can even get the difficulty display showing on both of them, when normally it's only visible on eh one or the other, only AES I think--so I can show it on MVS for video recording.
  paleface 20:53:19 07/12/22
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