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Yakuza 6
  opened by paleface at 23:45:40 10/02/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Adventure; reg=NA]

I got Yakuza 6 to find the Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown arcade machine I heard waited inside its virtual city. : )
2-player local VF5FS Vs play is available under the 2-player minigames header on the Yakuza 6 main menu (0:29). You cannot play single-player in that mode.
To play single-player VF5FS, you have to get your Yakuza character to the Club SEGA arcade in the city, on Nakamichi St.:
2:29 - Start a new game
3:24 (etc) - Skip every cutscene you can (Options button, d-pad left, X button), and also...
3:45 - Beat up a thug in a training sequence (Square and Triangle are the main attack buttons)
4:17 - After flailing around for a bit, here I switched from my Hori RAPV arcade stick to the DualShock, since you need dual analog control to walk around as a Yakuza character : P
6:36 - follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen to finish off the thug with a charge move
8:04 - From a beach in a weird blurry scene, walk between two rows of people with "..." talk options to a glowing yellow sphere (from a distance, I thought it was the setting sun : P; and I don't think you have to talk to the people like I did)
10:44 - At a house on a dirt road, talk to some kids
14:24 - check their phone (inside)
15:14 - In the city, you start out facing north up Tenkaichi St. (hit the touchpad to look at your map)
17:28 - Go a half-block north, cut up the alley to the left, around the back, and up the back staircase to the marked door (I wasted time trying to run directly to the arcade--Club SEGA is a block east, on Nakamichi St.) from the start point, but the street over is blocked by the police until you do this step).
19:17 - Leave the alley, head north up the Tenkaichi St. (hold X to sprint), and take the first street on the right (Tenkaichi Alley), heading east
19:38 - Go one block east, to Nakamichi St.
19:45 - Fight three easy thugs
20:40 - Go a half block south on Nakamichi St.
20:49 - On the corner the first alley you come to on the left, enter Club SEGA
21:26 - There are two Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown arcade cabinets in this small arcade: the left one lets you play through arcade mode on Normal difficulty, and the right one is on Very Easy difficulty
21:33 - "Check the Rules" from the game's pop-up instruction card describes just a handful of moves for each character.
23:16 - switched back to my Hori RAPV arcade stick : p
23:24 - From within VF, press the PS4's Options button to change the controls.
23:58 - Lau through Arcade mode (Normal difficulty)
35:23 - Lau, type B costume (press Start on the character select screen to toggle costume)
41:54 - Lau, Arcade mode (Very Easy difficulty), briefly
44:04 - Saving my game here in the arcade so I can just load it up to come back
45:12 - confirming I can get right back to the arcade by starting up and loading that save
The only mode to play here is Arcade mode, which puts you on one of three (as far as I can tell--although I only managed to get the game to give me two of them in a number of tries) seven-match gauntlets of opponents; KO each opponent twice--before they do it to you--to go to the next match. You can continue as needed; at the end there's Virtua Fighter's traditional "Bonus Stage" against the weird, metal mimic boss character, Dural (32:05); I haven't confirmed this, but if it's like earlier games in the series, you can't continue against her if she beats you.
The arcade mode also combines Score Attack features, with combo scoring as you play, and a score ranking screen at the end. (This is how Arcade mode works in the original VF5 on PS3; in the later Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown release on PS3, though, Score Attack is broken out into its own mode, with no Dural bonus round at the end.)
After the Dural fight come the credits (33:38), and your score summary (35:00 - I don't think it actually saves a list of high scores, which is too bad). That's pretty much it!
When I reached the arcade, my Yakuza character had close to 30,000 Yen. Each play of the virtual arcade cabinets takes some tiny amount of Yen--the 30,000 should last a while.
To save your Yen, and your position (ie, being in Club SEGA), outside of VF, press Option (44:04) to bring up your cell phone, pick Settings (lower right of the cell phone screen), and select Save.
Once you've saved, you can just reload that save game to get back to that point (in the arcade, if that's where you were when you saved). It also saves your VF control settings. (Not sure if control settings you make in the 2-player local Vs VF from the main menu get saved when you save your 1-player game.)
VF5FS in Yakuza 6 does not have costume customization, nor does it have a display of the characters' full move lists--or any of the other modes the PS3 version has, aside from its combination arcade / score attack. (Score Attack on the PS3 has only Normal difficulty.)
  paleface 23:50:31 10/02/22
If you reinstall the game, it will let you run it after it's about 1/3rd downloaded (mine auto-ran, I think I had hit X at some point earlier), but then if you load up your old save in the arcade you can't play the games or LEAVE; I guess it hasn't downloaded enough stuff yet. It was kinda scary. : P
The same guy who made some useful hacks for the PC version of Crazy Taxi figured out that the entire Xbox 360 version of VF5FS is in I think the Steam version of Yakuza 6 ( ).
  paleface 23:52:40 10/02/22
Reinstalling the game because I want to get to the Club Sega arcade in Theatre Square to play the virtual arcade versions of Out Run, Super Hang-On, and Space Harrier. North-north-west of the VF5FS joint I think.
  paleface 00:58:43 10/03/22
That web site left out Fantasy Zone, in that same arcade (there's Puyo Puyo in the smaller arcade with VF5FS). Space Harrier will stay where you leave them with the arcade stick input, rather than snapping back to center like they will with the analog stick. Out Run seems to have more responsive steering with the analog stick. Can't tell with Super Hang-On yet; Fantasy Zone is definitely arcade shooter so yeah stick.
All have a screen resizing and filtering toggle, look and feel real sharp. Can't remap controls, though.
Never understood Fantasy Zone before. Hm. Is it actually kind of fun?...
  paleface 22:23:02 10/04/22

Trying out the arcade games in Club SEGA (Theater Square) in Kamurocho (a fictional district of Tokyo in Yakuza 6 on PS4: Space Harrier, Out Run, Super Hang-On, and Fantasy Zone! Also cruising over to the smaller Club SEGA two blocks south--getting mugged as always halfway there--and playing a little Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Puyo Puyo ("puyo puyo" is Japanese onomatopoeia for watery wobbly wibbly things, I think) on the wrong ol' 4:3 aspect ratio. ; D
Actually it isn't quite 1440 x 1080 4:3 aspect, the old arcade games are running at 1540 x 1080. so slightly wider. That's their zoomed-in size; L1 toggles through various graphics options for them.
The emulation is by M2, according to the Wikipedia M2 page, but the mechanical games probably lose a lot when you don't have the mechanical cabs along for the ride; I found them hard to control with any real precision using the DS4's analog stick, and slower and clunkier with a d-pad or arcade stick.
  paleface 14:10:43 02/02/24
When I reinstalled and loaded my saves inside the arcade, it would only let me play darts and use the drinks vending machine at first--couldn't even open the doors to leave! ... Finally I realized the game was still installing; it's 36 GB but let me launch with only 12 GB or so--so it didn't have all the features downloaded yet. : PP
  paleface 23:25:00 02/02/24
Download added: 00_sho_cabs.jpg (52642 bytes)
  "Super Hang On cabs"

The game doesn't let you remap the controls I don't think, but it looks like I COULD remap controls in any Steam game, so if I wanted to play these games a bunch I should get them there. But then hm Steam Yakuza 6 takes 40 GB : P; Steam Yakuza 0 is "only" 25 GB, and that has both of them (but not eh the very cut-down VF5FS 6 has, or uh Puyo Puyo or whatever); so I suppose that might be the one to get there if I was gonna go in on these. ; )
I really don't like the manual gear shifting in OutRun though (I'm a baby! : D), and it feels way harder to maneuver in tight spaces there than in Turbo OutRun Reimagined or OutRun yeah I should probably just stick to those anyway. Or, you know, "get good" or something crazy. : P
When I reinstalled and loaded my saves inside the arcade, it would only let me play darts and use the drinks vending machine at first--couldn't even open the doors to leave! ... Finally I realized the game was still installing; it's 36 GB but let me launch with only 12 GB or so--so it didn't have all the features downloaded yet. : PP
  paleface 11:44:17 02/03/24
Ah, it's "Super Hang-On"--with a dash. ^ _^
1985 Hang-On
1986 OutRun
1987 Super Hang-On
1989 (Feb) Turbo OutRun
1989 (?) Racing Hero--motorcycle racer, follow-up to Hang-On. But only 30fps? ( )
  paleface 20:28:06 03/18/24
In the PS4 version of Yakuza 6, in the stand-alone arcade port on PS3, and in the actual arcade game according to arcade info site KLOV, Super Hang-On runs at a 10:7 screen ratio.
In the Steam version of Yakuza 6, Super Hang-On runs at a narrower, 4:3 screen ratio.
(The other retro arcade games in the Steam version of Yakuza 6 might be similarly too narrow; I haven't checked them.)
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