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Wolfenstein 3D
  opened by paleface at 03:34:50 06/12/23  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Shooter_3D; reg=NA]
The PS3 XMB icon graphic for the game styles it "Wolfenstein 3d," but the text label uses "3D."
  paleface 20:31:53 06/13/23

This PS3 720p 4:3 version with unchangeable clunky pad controls (run / fast turn on L2, fire on R2, open/activate on X) must be far from the best way (update: or maybe not!*) to play id's classic fps Wolfenstein 3D ...but I can't seem to stop. = oo
As long as you maintain your death grip on the Run trigger, the game moves at blistering speed.
It's surprisingly mild on the eyes: getting shot, and to a lesser degree picking things up, causes only faint screen flash*, and your gun muzzle flashes are about as tame as possible.
Sound-wise, it sounds like a surprising mix of technologies and volumes. ; ) Nothing too awful, though.
The game starts with the screen scaled down a few steps from the max (still 4:3) screen size available in the game option settings (2:38).
At first I thought the AI didn't open doors; I soon found this was incorrect. ; ) I DID play this back in the day--or, well, close to it, since I had an Amiga so it would have been on a friend's PC. ^ _^ But it's been a while since then. Not sure how far I played through it but I'm pretty sure I never got anywhere close to finishing the game.
Forgot there was no automap! The game definitely pushes my "I can sorta remember the rooms I explored as long as I don't come to a few more intersections" brain limit constantly; kind of ingenious actually, how it keeps you in constant trepidation over losing track and getting lost; it's definitely part of the play dynamic.
It looks like (3:46) this version has the six original episodes, but not the later stand-alone Spear of Destiny prequel episode. (Although the versions on Steam and GOG do include Spear.) (And it looks like the PS3 does NOT have Spear.) (So I guess if I finish this version I'll then have to get the PC version; of course if I wanted the best play experience I should probably get the PC version and run it in or something like that.
*Hm although the red screen flash on being hit appears to be a lot more intense in straight Steam version , GOG , DOSBox , and ECWolf -- vs for instance 13:51 in this PS3 version. Huh! Still pretty mild in the other versions, but still.
ALSO this version appears to run the game in the correct 4:3 ratio, whereas the others (although it's corrected in ECWolf, which then adds widescreen) run it in 320:200 screen ratio, ie too wide--which can also be seen in the screenshots shown on the Steam and GOG store listings.
More on the screen ratio issue in the bottom half of this page:
Maybe I'll just stick to this PS3 version?)
Oh various references to episodes having 10 floors, ooh!
  paleface 21:32:14 06/13/23

Has a surprisingly nice XMB splash image and musical riff. : )
  paleface 20:27:47 06/25/23

Finishing episode 1 and getting into episode 2, which definitely goes in a different direction!
But are the zombies also fascists?
  paleface 21:28:02 07/13/23
Download added: 32_mario.jpg (56322 bytes)
  "Like Mario Bros...with Nazis."

Had to restart 2-4 a few too many times and got confused whether I was coming or going. ^ ^o
So far this is the one game I can play with an analogue controller and not have my beat up old right shoulder get mad at me--possibly because having to death-clutch the left-trigger for Run the whole time distracts it. ^ D^
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