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Wolfenstein 3d
  opened by paleface at 02:28:55 08/13/04  
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Shooter_3D; reg=NA]
Id had three different companies port their three pre-Quake 3D shooters to GBA, with varying results. Wolfenstein 3d, originally the first of their 3D PC shooters, you'd think would run the smoothest of all on GBA, but Doom (see entry 639) is far smoother. Unfortunately.
You can still play the darn thing okay though, and Nazi blood flies right and left, perhaps spattering one of the many posters of Hitler decorating the otherwise rather bare Nazi dungeons. It looks and feels pretty much like I remember the PC version doing, although my memory of that is quite hazy. And I'd forgotten (assuming that this is a faithful port) that the game's sounds are ultra-low-quality PC speaker sounds. How... quaint. I guess it's just as well that they didn't try to "update" them or something here, but they are not the best sounds in the world by current standards.
The menus have tiny, hard to read text, frequently unintuitive layouts (on the save overwrite confirmation screen, it just says something like "hit A to save | hit B to quit") and very few options--only one control layout is available, for instance. Fortunately, it's the right one, with strafe on the shoulder buttons, Use on B and weapon switch on Select.
So aside from the framerate issue, this seems like a faithful port. Bring on them little pixelated Nazis.
  paleface 02:30:46 08/13/04
Download added: ws_options.jpg (8101 bytes)
  "The entirety of the control options screen."
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that you can only save between levels. I like this, actually--it prevents me from compulsive Quicksaving/Quickloading, and makes me just play the darn game.
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