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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Hardware; reg=EUR]
Behar Bros. VGA box for Dreamcast; mostly similar in function to the old Kuro (see entry 1613), ie capable of outputting either 480p VGA or 240p/480i RGB over VGA cable, and adding "scanliner" functions controlled by three switches: ON/OFF, [scanline] WIDTH, and EVEN/ODD. Don't have a need for scanlines but the Kuro--even the updated, mini-DIN cable version that would have been all I needed to replace the old version I had with its unreliable stiffly braided, plastic-socketed IDC cable--appears to be discontinued; anyway, the Hanzo is only $10 more, AND much smaller--something I couldn't tell from the solo photos on their web site.
So small that the audio cables now have to come out the side, which is slightly less convenient; but the whole thing is still pretty inconvenient overall anyway as it has to stick straight out the back of the DC about six inches (even a bit further now with the slightly longer new cable), so given the slightly smaller box size, the different audio cable direction is a relatively minor issue by comparison. ; )
  paleface 19:02:42 06/12/23
Seemingly randomly, a pink French DS case was included in the box shipped from Turkey with the Hanzo. ;^D
  paleface 19:40:11 06/12/23
If I'd paid more attention to the side mounting of the audio-outs on the Hanzo, maybe I'd have gone with the identically priced "Kuro Plus" instead, which added a big SCART-out socket to the Kuro design.
  paleface 19:56:31 06/12/23
Although now that I can look at them close-up, the Hanzo has what appears to be much more compact circuitry components. So, that's probably good somehow.
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