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Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  opened by paleface at 04:52:05 09/10/23  
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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]
Extracted from Steam's Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and running in MAME 0.119.

Extracted with the Game Extraction Toolbox
Have to rename the following files in the extracted ROM
from "sfx" to "ssf."
Man, inputs in this game are super picky--can hardly do an uppercut, whereas I have much less trouble with uppercuts in World Warrior from 30th, running in this same MAME version. (Also noticed this input problem with ST in the version in SF6.)
  paleface 15:36:39 09/13/23
Download added: 00_icon.png (5719 bytes)
  "Ryu LP colors for a 48px icon"
Pretty sure now the input thing is just me being more prone to rushing the input due to the faster game speed.
Runs in 4:3 aspect. With MAME 0.199, GDI video mode, have to capture using Desktop Capture in OBS rather than Game Capture. Windows shortcut string:
C:\downloaded\mame0119\mame.exe ssf2tu -video gdi -joystick -volume -13
LP Ryu color is dark gray gi and yellow headband--there's actually no white gi / red headband Ryu in ST! Closest maybe is red headband, light blue gi. Each of the six attack buttons and the Start button has separate colors, AND if you hold one of the six attack buttons, you get an eighth color!
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