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Street Fighter 6
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Download added: 00_ryu_eye.png (10863 bytes)
  "The default icon is Luke so I replaced it with Ryu's eye."

6 hits you with a stunning amount of STUFF right up front: having to link a Capcom account to your Steam account, having a full page of "News" and free "gifts" (stickers and avatar junk) to wade through, multiple Shops packed with crossover DLC junk, three (!!!) in-game currencies, forced Steam Overlay integration--and another login--via pop-up browser for shopping, tons of Tutorials and pop-up Tips, classic Capcom arcade games but you have to wander around a 3D multiplayer hub to find them (I think maybe with some currency you can get them to play directly from a menu?) (and SFII's six attack buttons have to be mapped separately from SF6's! They're the same attack buttons!!), "Extreme Battle" modes with wacky gimmicks, unlockable Gallery art (a Shinkiro piece!), a full page of menu icons to wade through--and I'm not even going to mess with World Tour, which is its own whole thing.
So I spent a lot of time fumbling around confusedly with that stuff in my first stab at the game here.
Can't seem to change the commentary to Japanese. : P
At least I beat that dang ST T.Hawk. Maybe for the first time? I dunno. Feels like it. Gawl.
I went and tried my version of Super Turbo dumped from Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection & running in MAME 0.119, and yeah, both the occasional screen glitch AND super-unfriendly uppercut input reading happen there, too--can hardly do an uppercut in that ROM, whereas I don't have nearly the same trouble in my ROM of World Warrior from 30th. I KNEW I didn't like ST! (T.Hawk picks random colors though, that's cool.)
Can't seem to turn off the heavy scanlines on the classic games, & didn't see any way to adjust difficulty level or anything in ST--then again the US ST was bugged and difficulty level didn't work right (it was always super hard or something I think?) so eh hey.
You can turn off the Bonus Stages in Arcade and looks like I'm gonna do that because wrecking the semi truck has gotten old after two times, and parrying barrages of basketballs from generic avatar guy is amazingly so much worse than the parry bonus game in 3rd Strike, which I was already sick of. And 3rd Strike parrying with a forward tap feels so much more intuitive than having to hit MP and MK! Oh man.
Speaking of, I messed around with it a bit after recording and found I can do the Drive Rush green dash by holding MP & MK & IMMEDIATELY double-tapping forward--don't have to hold until the blue parry FX appears. Hopefully that'll help. Can also like with Ryu do jab, jab, f, f to Rush--'cause it's canceling a combo?--but that costs three bars instead of 1.5.
I may have to get out of the habit of hitting two buttons to EX everything that I got into in USFIV. ; ) Too much burnout! = oo
The weightless & not super well drawn "comic" story start & end in Ryu's Arcade mode was surprisingly disappointing after the lightly animated anime-style cutscenes in IV--feels really cheap and trashy by comparison. And the subtitle font is real bad. Oh well.
Extra costumes cost about $1. Could be worse? But each extra color for the default costume 1 is $1--oof! (If you buy a costume it comes with a buncha colors? And you can get costume 1 colors with a good chunk of an in-game currency earned from playing.) Hrm. Well, if I end up liking the game/characters enough, might get a few costumes. May need Zangief in pink. I actually like some of the new costumes more than the retro costumes. Love what they've done with Dee Jay, and the alterations to Juri's costume & haircut. Dhalsim's alterations, Blanka's overalls, and Zangief's tights are nice. Ryu's new face looks really weird WITHOUT the new beard. ; ) Cammy's new hairstyle is a bit off, though, Guile's denim jumpsuit is blech, Blanka's new gorilla face freaks me out, and I hate Ken's little booties. ; DD So might have to pony up for their alternatives, good plan Capcom. ; ] Well, maybe except for Cammy's retro costume, which just gets more embarrassing as her model gets more realistic.
  paleface 02:13:05 09/11/23
You can run around with your 3D avatar in Battle Hub with just an arcade stick but rotating the camera requires holding one button while pressing one of four other buttons. ; P
The shop model viewer has something similar; simpler just to switch to mouse and keyboard for that : PP
  paleface 21:27:46 09/13/23
Download added: 76_shin_sfech.jpg (282869 bytes)
  "Unlocked Shinkiro art: Street Fighter Eternal Challenge hardcover 2005"

Shun Di is the drunken fighter in Virtua Fighter whose name I was blanking on; just like him, with Jamie Siu you have to do a move (down, down, punch) to chug a "drink" to raise your drink meter thingy by one point; higher drink meter levels unlock more moves he can do. Not really into this sort of additional complication and feeling like I'm starting out underpowered--although it's not as bad as w/ Shun who also needs his meter to raise his base damage. But like, Jamie can't even do his dive kick w/o 1 drink.
Jamie also moves in a kind of dance step rhythm which probably takes some getting used to for its involuntary motion, or the feeling of such, anyway; between that and accidentally swigging drinks after moves (some of them also trigger a follow-up chug automatically), I felt a bit out of control. On the other hand, if you can get in the flow, he's got some very fluid and easy combos. But in the end I found I was skipping his drinking mechanic entirely because I didn't know when I could get away with a swig without getting hit, and didn't like having to worry about chugging all the time anyway.
Luke is Jamie's boss, too! Argh! ' ;D
You can swap commentators--English or Japanese-language, two each for both "Play by Play" and "Color" commentators--by hitting Y on the Play by Play option in Story mode set-up--but only after you've cleared the Story mode per character. : P Same with options to turn off the Story junk and the Bonus Stages; so I do the 5-stage Story for a character, then do their 12-stage Story w/ Japanese commentators (fav combo so far is ARU & H.E.DEMON KAKKA), w/o Story & Bonus Stages--which makes it 12 fights, rather than 10 fights and 2 silly truck wrecking / ball parrying bits--very long Arcade mode!
I ran into Rashid in Arcade mode! A DLC character I haven't bought! So that's kind of cool.
By the way I was wrong about Super Turbo the other day--I don't think there's a big input problem with uppercuts. Tried it again in SF6 (after recording) & in MAME, and it was OK. But that session kind of made me want to get into ST. I tried my old World Warrior & it just felt too slow. & Hyper Fighting was like, well, I could be playing ST. Even though the difficulty in the usual US version of ST (& the one I extracted from 30th Anniversary to play in MAME) IS busted & on ridiculous difficulty no matter what difficulty setting you set. That kind of makes it, like, epic, in a way.
The arcade games in Battle Hub rotate on a timed schedule; when I went into BH to check ST, the game told me ST was going away soon; you can see the schedule on its info page, it was there for two days--so of course what it wants to get you to do is buy the monthly Premium Fighting Pass for ~$5, whose 1st Kudos-based unlock is one of the arcade games, which you can then launch directly from the Gallery mode. This would be a silly thing to do of course since they've released these games in other, less expensive things like the Capcom Arcade Stadium collections, with more configurable options. But I'm dumb & am tempted to do it anyway because for some weird reason I want to have the option to launch ST while I'm hanging out in SF6, even if it's a worse experience than playing the 30th one I extracted in MAME.
The ONLY things I'm interested in in the regular & Premium Fighting Pass are the first things: in regular, the RENTAL tickets that let you play an hour of a DLC character you don't own, & in Premium, the arcade games; the rest is pretty much stickers and avatar stuff, etc. : PP
Repeating a Story playthrough for a character keeps earning Kudos, which at first I thought was nice but since there's almost nothing I really want with Kudos I guess I don't really care all that much about it; I mean I guess I can keep racking up RENTAL tickets each month. : P
Unlocked two more pieces of 2000s Shinkiro art, & a new one, of Jamie, but it's somewhat cartoonish, & blurrily and boringly colored--probably one Shinkiro knocked out real quick; the other two are book covers that he probably would have been paid a lot more to spend more time on; they're the hardcover and softcover cover illustrations to the 2005 Street Fighter Eternal Challenge art book.
  paleface 22:23:54 09/14/23
Download added: 97_manon_story.jpg (234306 bytes)
  "Meaningful stuff actually happens for the characters in Manon's story!"

Okay so this video seems to be saying Manon Legrand's longer range command grab is blockable, but her shorter range, more damaging one isn't. So that longer-range one is what I would call a "fake" command grab--it's really just a special move that LOOKS like a command grab--it can be beaten by real grabs, or blocked.
So knowing the distinction between the two of them might help me get my head around her move set a bit more. And I do like the look of her second costume... So I might have to pick that up and try her again at some point!
On the other hand, that video also makes clear that her "medal" system, which goes up by one, to five, for each of those two grab moves that she does, powers her up, so like Jamie she's another character who has to do a move repeatedly to reach their prime power level. I really hate that type of thing--I don't want a character who starts sub-optimal and has to work to get to at least a decent power level every match; why would I play a character like that when I could play a character who starts at full power??? So maybe I won't be playing Manon again, come to think of it. : PPP I HATE having to do a certain thing to power up my character.
I mean, if you're gonna make a power-up mechanic, give it to every character--like the super meter! But don't just saddle certain characters with the requirement to power themselves up, in addition to all the other stuff everyone has to do! Ugh. The designer might argue that oh but they can become EXTRA powerful by doing this thing enough times, that balances it out! NO it doesn't, it's a chore and it sucks! Starting off weak sucks! GAR. HORRIBLE design crutch. Horrible. (Now I'm worried about Blanka and maybe Juri in this regard, too; I noticed Blanka has some sort of mini-Blanka counter, and if Juri's like SFV Juri rather than USFIV she'll have to bank up her projectiles...)
Heck, even Ryu has a one-stage power-up move (for a single fireball). So all three characters I've played so far have some of this nonsense! (Is THAT how they're trying to make it better? : PPP But I don't think Ken does, for instance.) They should have called this Power-up Fighter! Inventory Fighter! Chore Fighter!
Of course, I'm not playing online, so I could just ignore these things and play Manon, Jamie, etc as maybe slightly underpowered characters for more challenge. I don't particularly love their move sets, though, so, I don't know. Mostly I just really like Manon's second costume, I think. : P So...I might still do that. Bwahaha!
Back to rants: why doesn't the description of that move TELL YOU that it's blockable and can be beaten by real grabs? They didn't think that was important for the player to know about that move? They want to require the player to wade through her whole series of character tutorials to find out this basic property of the move? Gimme a break!
Manon's brief story has actual character development and two people meeting each other so it's miles ahead of pretty much every other SF story. : D
  paleface 21:56:22 09/15/23
Download added: a4_kim_guy_zek.jpg (212667 bytes)
  "Kimberly's story start--Guy & Zeku posters"

"Ninjastar" Kimberly Jackson has not one but TWO stocking / powering-up mechanics with additional gauges/icons! Oh no! And yet she's my favorite character so far, by far! I'm such a hypocrite! ; D
She's got fantastic animation. Not only does her face have Disney-quality goofy expressions if you move the stick around on the VS loading screen, but her entire moveset animation is peppy and quick, finally breaking out of the slow in-out I'm-almost-too-bored-to-punch animation style that beset the series starting in SFV. She's so fun to watch in motion!
And to play! She's fast! She's sort of a Guy disciple I guess even though this isn't covered in her Story mode, at least not an an unsubtle enough way for a fool like me to catch, except that she's got a poster of Guy (from SFA) on her bedroom wall (and another poster of oh wait that wasn't Urien, much less JP--it was Zeku, from SFV--Guy's teacher! OHHHHHHH). (Also there IS a connection between her uncle and Ken, according to the Wiki, although I don't know where they got the particular info they give, or maybe I just missed it in the story; all I noticed was her win quote to him, which vaguely hints but doesn't spell it out.)
Anyway, her moveset! It's the first I've played in 6 that feels really intuitive to me, heck, I even kept getting Drive uh dashes or whatevers coming out at, like, just the right times somehow! She makes me look almost competent--and that's quite something! ^ _^
I kept forgetting her uppercut equivalent is her tatsu. Also kept getting her super inputs mixed up--look, I can barely handle one super move per character in fighting games, much less three! ; D
Her stock mechanism is her spray can bombs, but she starts with that full--at two, the amount you can charge by EXing the down,down-punch--so I guess that could be worse. Her other power-up is that once she's done her stage 3 super, whether or not it hit, she gets a pulsing rainbow halo and a waggling finger icon next to her super meter, indicating that she's now got a move speed and attack damage boost! But it takes a while to charge up to stage 3 so I guess I won't worry about feeling like I have to get that charge done. So maybe I'm okay with it.
Her qcf-P is a dashing elbow attack that goes farther than the Drive dash, and when EX'd goes through fireballs. ; ] Her qcb-P is a short teleport-in attack; normally I hate teleports but this one is so short range I guess I can stand it; it also looks cool and was pretty effective against the AI.
She's got an air throw I think, which I don't think I landed. Her qcf-K is a run-in with multiple options based on your follow-up buttons, the kind of thing that is almost too complicated for me to manage--but almost all the outcomes are pretty effective anyway: she can pull up, low hit slide, and uh I think kick, or overhead punch, or, left alone, run up the opponent for a few hits, then vault off and, with another follow-up, dive back either for a throw--punch--or finishing kick. Phew!
Anyway yeah she rules.
Note to self when you're feeling flush: I like costume 1 color 6, and costume 2 is pretty all right as well.
I figured out that I should leave "Story" on when doing Story/Arcade, even if I've seen it already, because Start button skips the beginning/end story stuff anyway, and this way you do get to fight the character's end boss. Hm maybe I wouldn't do it for Ryu or Jamie, so I (probably) wouldn't have to fight that darn Luke. ; )
Undecided on whether to stick with the (Japanese) commentators. Finally realized the fighting sounds are slightly muted while they're talking. But I like the chatter bouncing around in my empty head, and the way they go goofy at the end of a match. Is it too annoying for viewers during a match though? Would I rather hear the fighting sounds more clearly? Not sure.
  paleface 22:24:47 09/15/23
I think I will stick with the (Japanese) commentators, I don't mind them yet and just kind of like the additional flavor they add.
  paleface 20:25:26 09/16/23
Battle Hub and World Tour feel kinda like "we had too much money and didn't know what to do with it" to me. ; )
  paleface 12:05:40 09/17/23
The game almost always warns that my connection to any Battle Hub server I pick is "unstable." At first I thought this was due to me uploading a video to YouTube at the time, but I'm not doing that now. So maybe it's just that I'm on WiFi! ^ _^ So uh yeah good excuse for me to avoid multiplayer. : P I mean yeah I guess I could dig up an old CAT cable if I really wanted...
  paleface 23:18:57 09/22/23
Download added: af_yuhhh.jpg (62675 bytes)
  "This guy"

Marisa's sluggish ease-in is everything I hate about the modern SF animation style--but once she's up to speed, she just crushes the AI! Sheesh!
  paleface 20:19:49 09/23/23
Download added: ak_eho_sensei.jpg (383452 bytes)
  "E.Honda art by SENSEI"

Her jabs-into-upper cut is real smooth and her heavy jump kick is really good, I didn't click with the rest of her moves though.
(That woman with the stick in the SFV art is Falke.)
  paleface 19:14:02 09/25/23
Download added: ao_jp01.jpg (226909 bytes)
  "JP's hairs"

The money-laundering villain! 'p' I'm too dumb to do JP's set-ups and long-range counter game, but I like hittin' stuff with his heavy kicks and his stick! I tried sticking just to that in some vs CPU against lv 6 and 7 Ken and it was fun! Watch out for Melee Wizard! #meleewizard = D MW is my 2nd fave so far after Kimberlyyyyy
  paleface 18:15:56 09/27/23
Download added: ar_juri_tongue.jpg (166205 bytes)
  "Very Harley Quinn"

I'm too dumb to stock fireballs and so fireball set-ups and three moves off qcf+K and chaining those together or whatever, so I'm a pretty bad Juri!
  paleface 20:16:45 09/28/23
Download added: az_dj_faces.jpg (115363 bytes)
  "Dee Jay faces"

I'm bad at most of his specials but Dee Jay's got a really good fireball and strong normals, which turned out to be pretty much all I needed here. = oo That was pretty fun! He's a big dude who smiles a lot and loves to dance and sing. ^ _^
Primo Capcom illustrator Shinkiro did the art for Dee Jay's Story mode. = ooo It's his sort of comic-book coloring style, and he gives Dee Jay a very generic face, so he looks odd with his glasses off, but hey. (Also there's a motion comic sequence error in the ending prologue, see if you can spot it! ^ _^)
  paleface 21:43:30 09/29/23

Hyper Fighting input delay / input lag
SF6 version had Vsync off. Surprised how well it did! VERY close to Street Fighter Collection, which for the SFII games has always been the best I've had; SF6 is, in fact, the closest to SFC's top time of any other SFII I've tested. So they've evidently improved their conversion capability a bit here over their previous attempts since the PS1 version. Unfortunately, the version in SF6 has very few options; you can't even turn off the heavy scanline/blur effect, or set the difficulty!
SF6's SFII Turbo is on the Battle Hub arcade cabs--for two days maybe every few weeks-ish; it rotates with other SF1/SFII games. I don't know if it's been up for purchase in a Premium Fighting Pass yet; that would let you play it from Gallery mode at any time. To get it to do 2P, I had to plug in a second controller, because I couldn't find a 2P Start button to go with the 2P keyboard controls. : P
  paleface 21:36:55 10/02/23
Download added: ba_cam_breathe.gif (158061 bytes)
  "Cammy getting oxygen for a CA"

My silly head doesn't seem comfortable with Cammy's move list as a cohesive thing, also that high angle on her jumping medium kick drives me nutsos.
  paleface 20:21:38 10/03/23
Download added: bd_shin_retsu.jpg (273782 bytes)
  "Gallery unlock. Shinkiro art from 25th Anniv Artbook. Upper right bald guy is Retsu (SF1)."

Apparently I played through as Ryu before--and somehow it left no impression on me. ; ) I guess he's pretty fun, even if he acts grumpy all the time. : P His Costume 1 colors blow! His costume 2 colors are good though, go fig they copied from from SFII. Guess I'll have to get it, good job Cashcom. ; )
That bald guy in the upper-right of that Shinkiro art I unlocked (38:04) is apparently an unplayable CPU opponent from the very first Street Fighter: Retsu! ( ) The art "appeared in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Artbook" released in Japan in December 2012; Ultra Street Fighter IV was announced in July of the next year, declaring five new characters: Elena, Hugo, Poison, Rolento, and a mystery fifth character, and the internet noticed Elena and Hugo in this art and started thinking Retsu there in the upper right was gonna be the fifth added USFIV character. But that art wasn't actually about USFIV, and USFIV's fifth character turned out to be Decapre .
According to that wiki Retsu page above, Retsu is apparently an opponent in SF6's World Tour mode! Oh and in the background of The Macho Ring bonus stage?! And wait "in Ryu's arcade illustration as well as a flashback illustration that took place shortly prior to the main event, where he, Ryu, and Dan volunteered at a Japanese festival event"?!?
OH! There he is in the lower right of Ryu's beginning story, 1:14. I can't pick out anyone in the background of The Macho Ring (5:46). I'm not sure which illustration the "flashback illustration" refers to, unless...could that be Retsu's face at the top of this piece I unlocked the first time I played through Ryu's 12 Stage ?
  paleface 20:27:35 10/04/23
Download added: bf_eho_shin1.jpg (277332 bytes)
  "E.Honda story illustration by Shinkiro"

E.Honda messed with me for a while because in the default difficulty story modes I could just do his command throw over and over for huge damage...but I still wasn't sure I was having tons of fun at it. Then in VERSUS against level 7 CPU Lily, she just poked out that throw or effortlessly jumped or skipped out of the way nearly every time, countering with a neutral jump into combo into super for huge damage. So I had to learn to do his like normal slaps and kicks, and then his two classic charge moves, was good.
(Yah know this is probably the best VS CPU mode I know of in a Capcom fighting game since SSF2X on Dreamcast.)
Does feel like he's got a lot of superfluous moves though. And mashy slaps moved to a motion input? Boooo, wrong feel. : P
He's sure got a weird sacky sack face. : O
Second Story mode I've seen illustrated by Shinkiro! And the main's face isn't *completely* generic Shinkiro face this time (the face paint helps; also, he gets out of drawing his face full on by having Honda oddly with his back to the viewer when close-up : oo). Shinkiro draws tanuki statues! And Manon!
  paleface 18:04:29 10/05/23
Download added: bk_bla_faces.jpg (128117 bytes)
  "Blanka faces"

Blanka's pretty fun I guess. Kinda like Honda but in lots of cool colors!
  paleface 21:21:13 10/06/23
Download added: bl_gui_faces.jpg (108337 bytes)
  "Guile makes faces"

Guile's not as amusing as fellow chargers Honda and Blanka but eh well he can fireball. Has less moves, which is nice; but now can do motion 2x fireball/shield thing with qcb+P, f+P--huh.
Managed to forget for a good chunk that his CA1 is the charge+b,f,b,f thing, not qcx2. : P I seem to do better with the charge input type than the qc type of CA1 when under duress, actually. ^ _^ Kept forgetting HP makes it go up diagonally instead of horizontal. ; D
His story structure is a little different: all the other characters I've played so far have a story intro, then the first fight, but Guile's goes first fight, THEN the story intro--since it follows right after the fight, with that character you fought.
Did not know that a) Guile is married and b) his wife and wife of his ending opponent here are sisters. HUH!
Also, story still incredibly vague about some "incident." : P Not too confident will be cleared up when I play through other characters--not that I'm going to play quite all of them anyway. Bleargh.
  paleface 12:56:11 10/07/23
Ergonomically speaking I probably shouldn't play charge characters, which would eliminate Dee Jay, Honda, Blanka, and Guile, whoa.
  paleface 18:03:45 10/07/23
Download added: bo_ken_booties.jpg (55665 bytes)
  "Ken's booties"

It's easy Ryu! I mean I guess maybe a little easier, 'cause Ken doesn't have to worry about a fireball charge-up move--which IS a big plus for me, I hate the thought that I should be stopping to power up my Ryu fireball gar--and I seemed to do a lot of accidental yet still effective little combos. But really what seemed most effective was just heavy punches right to the face repeatedly. = o
So yep the AI drops a CPU Level when you lose a match in Arcade Story mode; I actually kind of wish it wouldn't do that but that's how arcade games work so I can't blame it, and besides there's a pretty good VERSUS CPU mode I could play that doesn't do that.
Would HP to the face work against level 7+ CPU? = o
Ken's booties say "HOT BLAST." : P
  paleface 20:27:06 10/07/23
Download added: bq_chu_faces.jpg (90450 bytes)
  "Chun faces"

I was doing better with Chun-Li's normal kicks after practicing VS CPU at the end, but both they and her jump kicks were surprisingly hard-ish to use. Funny how low her Spinning Bird Kick is to the ground now. Anyway I struggled with her somewhat, I suppose she's meant to get damage through combos and I'm not so good at those. : P
  paleface 18:34:24 10/08/23
Download added: bw_sf_cover.jpg (190576 bytes)
  "Unlocked art: illustration used for cover of Street Fighter (DOS 1989)"

Zangief! He's real strong! ^ _^
  paleface 18:49:06 10/08/23

That wasn't as bad as I'd feared it might be, whew. ^ _^ Long range punches & kicks!
  paleface 19:32:34 10/09/23
Download added: c1_ryu_drpface.jpg (54813 bytes)
  "Shaven costume 2 Ryu making a face in the VERSUS tunnel"

Buying DLC costumes and costume colors, going through all the Extreme Battle "Rules" and "Gimmicks" as Ryu against CPU Guile, and then checking out the costumes & colors I bought in VERSUS against the level 6 CPU--when I remembered to keep resetting it. : P
Sure wish VERSUS would save your fighter, costume, color, and CPU level settings! Sheesh! Having CPU level reset to 4 every time is just ridiculous, even SF2 on Dreamcast knew better than that. : PPP
$1 (50 Fighter Coins or whatever) for costume 2 w/ ~10 colors vs $1 for EACH COLOR for costume 1 is pretty weird. : P
This is the most chill SF.
Extreme Battle doesn't really work 1P, the CPU doesn't pay any attention to the Rules/Gimmicks. The knockdown + bull thing--the one that was in the demo--almost fools you into thinking it works, but then you find you can just block/parry the bull. : P
EXTREME BATTLE stage is fixed per Gimmick, music is per Rule.
The VERSUS entrance tunnels are customized PER STAGE. Capcom madness! ^ _^
CPUs I enjoy fighting:
  paleface 22:14:50 10/15/23
Download added: c4_shin_ryu.jpg (168198 bytes)
  "Shinkiro Ryu art unlocked in Gallery mode"

Ken HARDEST difficulty
Man that level 8 CPU bawsss fight. : P What's scary is he's also the boss for Kimberly, and....eeep. Guess I've got that to look forward to. : PP Thought the match where I finally beat him was pretty hilarious--got him to run out of Drive meter and finally got him back with Drive Impacts for all the ones he'd laid on me (will I ever think to counter with one of my own, or will I just keep sitting there saying "shooooot" when the CPU DIs me? : PP); and then somehow hung in there in the last round and got him on a ridiculous scrambling air hit into sorta combo thing, sheesh!
Learning to block his neutral jump into huge damage combo helped. : P
  paleface 10:17:35 10/18/23
Download added: c5_kim_stereo.jpg (61898 bytes)
  "Kimberly's ready with her STEREO Walkman clone in her CA3"

I should'a looked up Kimberly's Unique Attacks before starting, that would'a shown me the easy LP-MP-HP-HK chain combo. : P
Took me about two hours of flailing and getting beaten down to get her numerous specials kinda sorted out in my muddled head. Some of them, particularly her qcf+K multi-option dash-in, just don't seem reliably effective against the higher level CPUs. Beating individual CPUs came down to finding which move worked against them--a sort of puzzle-solving exercise that reminded me a lot of SFII arcade mode.
Her non-EX teleport (qcb+P) seemed to get jabbed out against everyone I tried it against early on so I stopped stuck with the EX one, which worked pretty well but couldn't be used too often due to the meter cost--and then it turns out the boss ate all the non-EX teleports! Crrrr-azy!
Hardest times against Manon (40 minutes, whut the heck; ended up getting her with tatsus), secondarily boss (37 minutes; took me a while to try non-EX teleports : P), thirdly Chun (33 minutes; early jump-ins followed by sweep pressure got to her).
I discovered I do NOT know how to read or inflict wake-up throws. : PP (Didn't seem to be nearly as bad at it as Ken??) Struggled yet again with super move execution against faster characters. And am definitely never ever going to learn to counter or parry Drive Impacts. : P
Still, after fearing early on I just wouldn't be able to get through with her, I DID eventually make it, so, that was nice. Hopefully will be able to make it through in slightly less than three hours next time. ^ _^ (And say, it's 2023, why isn't there a midway-save feature? : P)
  paleface 19:38:20 10/18/23
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  "Zangief flexing"

Well, even though I got through HARDEST with Zangief faster than with Ken--and four times faster than with Kimberly--this run also convinced me that I am just not cut out to play him in SF6; I do NOT enjoy "the wake-up game" and the priority system of what does or doesn't beat a throw and when you can throw and all that just makes no sense to my dumb brain, so trying to use Zangief's throws just feels like a guessing game and anyway sooner or later the higher level AI will just frame-perfect neutral jump out of your grasp and max combo you in the face.
  paleface 19:39:11 10/18/23

Got up to Luke before I started having to learn stuff like not to do his HEAVY kick all the time and that his fireballs are too slow to use pretty much except on the opponent's wake-up.
Playing on HARDEST has shown me that I really don't like the Drive System, throw priorities, and wake-up game. Gonna give SF6 a rest for a while.
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