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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
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Can extract the ROMs from the Steam version: -- it's a Python script; I ended up using Windows Python but I think probably I could have used MSYS2 or WSL Python (which I also installed).
So it's basically

py -m pip install --user pipx
py -m pipx ensurepath
pipx install game-extraction-toolbox
gextoolbox tasks extract --task sf30ac --destdir ./
  paleface 21:45:14 09/19/23
Download added: 00_options.jpg (27756 bytes)

Since SF 30th, developer Digital Eclipse has gone on to do other historical compilations with even more extensive "making of" presentations, like Atari 50 and The Making of Karateka; 30th has a timeline presentation with some pretty extensive galleries for various SF games and so forth, feels like a prototype for the later, more elaborate history collections.
It's pretty surprising that the emulation of Super Turbo here is messed up, though: it's running at the wrong speed. Everyone knows the default arcade speed of US Super Turbo is Turbo 2, and speed "2" is the default setting for ST in this collection--but when you run the game, it says "Turbo 1"; whatever that is, it feels sort of close-ish to regular Turbo 2, but not quite right. (And Google was showing me people saying in multiplayer, 30th runs ST at what it calls "Turbo 2"--but that it's way too fast.) I tried a few other games in the collection, like Hyper Fighting and 3rd Strike, and they seemed pretty much fine, speed wise--but you'd have thought they'd have wanted to get the linchpin, Super Turbo, pretty much spot on, and somehow they didn't.
So it just feels messed up and not a version I'm gonna keep trying to play.
You can extract all the ROMs from 30th, though
Game Extraction Toolbox:
and run them in for instance an older version of MAME that isn't too particular about CRCs of game dumps--MAME 0.119, for instance.
(GET says it can also extract from Capcom Arcade Stadium, which has Super Turbo for $1.99, so that might be the way to go if you just want ST. I haven't run it on Stadium so I can't say for sure that it produces a working ST ROM from it, though.)
30th supports disabling Vsync. No Borderless Fullscreen, though--a bit too old for that.
No vs CPU in Training mode.
  paleface 02:34:54 09/20/23
UPDATE: THAT part about the speed being messed up ^ is kinda wrong! Here's the thing: the "GAME SPEED" option is off, and it defaults to the wrong thing.
It defaults to 2. And that corresponds to Turbo 1. Why? Because Turbo actually goes Turbo 0 (ie, World Warrior speed) to Turbo 3. So what they SHOULD have done was call the option TURBO and set it to go from 0 to 3. That's how the arcade game's operator menu does it.
Maybe they thought "0" would confuse people? But it says "Turbo 0" in game if you pick "GAME SPEED" 1, so that can't really be it, can it? Ack, I don't know. Anyway, just set it to GAME SPEED = 3 and you'll get Turbo 2 and that's about right.
  paleface 02:38:18 09/20/23
Clarification: the arcade ROM's operator menu calls it "GAME SPEED" but the options are "Turbo 0" through "Turbo 3."
  paleface 02:42:38 09/20/23
And they default to "Turbo 2." Which is actually Turbo 2. ; ))
  paleface 03:03:31 09/20/23
This turbo options numbering problem actually started in HD Remix, where the game speed option went 1-4 and defaulted to 3. Sirlin explains this on his HD Remix Features page thusly: "The game speeds match the arcade version of the game, but this is confusing so bear with me. In SF HD Remix, speed 3 is the default and is intended for tournament play and online play. It's the same speed as Japanese arcade speed 3, which is also known as US arcade speed 2. You don't really have to understand what's going on with all that, just play at the default speed 3 and be happy that it matches the arcade."

So yeah that still doesn't make sense, you should have labelled the settings Turbo 0-3, Sirlin, LIKE THE US ARCADE ROM's Operator Menu DOES! : PPP
Capcom doesn't get the Game Speed numbering right for US versions again until Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, in 2022--14 years later!
  paleface 21:25:12 09/24/23

Super Street Fighter II Turbo input delay comparison
My previous tests of SF2 were Champion Edition (not WW like I think I said here : P), the Street Fighter Collection 2 version (see entry 1367) on PS1 and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection version on PS4 (see entry 1368); I counted 4 and 5 frames for them, respectively, at that time.
0:00 - PS3 - HD Remix (see entry 1281) - 5 frames of delay
2:15 - PC - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (see entry 1595) - 4 frames
3:25 - PC - Capcom Arcade Stadium (see entry 1661) - ~4.25 frames
5:32 - PC - MAME 0.119 (30th Anniv ROM) (see entry 1656) - 7 frames
8:34 - PS2 - Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2 (see entry 1154) - 6 frames
9:56 - PS1 - Street Fighter Collection (see entry 1366) - 3 frames
The PC versions had Vsync off. Capcom Arcade Stadium was set to 59.94 Hz. CCC2 had progressive scan on. After the poor result in MAME 0.119 -- current MAME won't run the ST ROM dumped from 30th Anniversary with the Game Extraction Toolbox ) -- I tried Final Burn Neo (see entry 1663), but FBNeo wouldn't run it either.
Delay in 30th Anniversary was highly variable, from 3 to 5 frames. It was somewhat unstable in Arcade Stadium, but not quite as much.
So, the PS1 version is still the best I can run. = D
However, it's not the version I'm going to be playing. The Dreamcast version--see entry 679 --one I used to own, but sold with the rest of my collection when I moved 4-5 years ago...--that, when dumped and run with the right settings in a certain emulator, will, it appears, get me 1 frame of delay.
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