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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
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  "Er High-Speed (Urien) vs Master (Dudley), round one. Fight!"
Still the high-water mark for animation in a 2D fighting game after all these years--impressive but saddening at the same time. You really, really, really have to know what you're doing in this game if you want to get anywhere. As for myself, I can't parry to save my life, but I like to flop around and enjoy the nice sights and sounds.
Some of the fighters are a bit too outlandish to be interesting as anything more than novelties, at least for a softcore player such as myself--I wonder if Capcom wouldn't have been better of sticking to their regular SF roster? Then again if they had we wouldn't have Urien and Hugo and Dudley, so that's something. And if only they hadn't included boring old Ken and Ryu. :p
But the animation, flawless control and hit detection, and fine character balance win over everything. Despite my SNK leanings this is probably my favorite fighter--or at least the one I hold in the most awe.
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