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Fighting Street
  opened by paleface at 03:13:22 03/30/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
Man, I don't care if this was one of the first CD-ROM console games, or if it's a port of the very first game in the Street Fighter series--I thought I cared, but those cares were swept away by the incredible failure of this disc as an enjoyable game.
My English go bad! Such is my disappointment. As BobV remarked, characters in this game don't so much animate as they move from one pose to another like a print series of still photographs. My favorite transition in this vein is when you throw a hard punch at just the right moment next to your opponent and the blow is so powerful, so mind-crushingly brutal, that it shatters space itself and pops you bodily past your target so that you appear behind him, he none the worse for wear.
The single-player is interesting (haven't tried multi-player) in that you pick from one of four paths at the start, each being a country--China, England, and so forth. Each contains some cheating non-animating bastard who will beat the heck out of you unfairly. I mean, I seem to hit them about as much as they hit me, and I die while they have half their life bar left. Clearly I am missing something here.
I saw another guy do a fireball once with Ryu (you always play as Ryu.... let's face it, who else is there really even in the later games (and Ken doesn't count!)). I couldn't seem to manage it. This would be amusing if it were on the old Street Fighter cabs they had here in the States at least with two big padded pressure sensitive buttons, and the harder you smacked your hand against the button and shattered your finger bones on the hard metal stopper lurking beneath, the harder an attack your Ryu/Ken threw. But you don't have amusing buttons here, so there's little drama to be had aside from cussing about not being able to execute a simple flippin' fireball.
I feel a headache coming on. I'd better stop thinking about this game.
  paleface 22:34:47 06/26/04
Some enemy of mine sent me a free copy of this game. Grr.
Wow, the sound quite literally sounds like it was recorded underwater.
  paleface 17:34:12 09/08/20
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  "Title screen."
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