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Street Fighter Alpha 3: Saikyo Dojo
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The DC version of SFA3 doesn't have quite as many modes or characters as the PSP version (see entry 1032), but it does at least have in-game move lists, which is a plus.
While playing this version I remembered something else I don't like about the Alphas: the AI. Some characters are just retarded in certain situations (E. Honda against Sakura fireballs, for instance), and then others just follow horrible robotic patterns of doom, like Ryu late in Arcade mode (Fireball! Fireball! Fireball! Uppercut! Fireball!). Anyway, they don't behave as "naturally" as the characters in SFII or SFIII, as far as I've seen.
The DC version had an Internet multiplayer mode, it looks like; I never tried that, and I wonder how well it worked on the DC's dialup modem.
Load times here are quite fast indeed: nigh non-existent, you might say.
"Saikyo," according to a FAQ I just read, refers to joke character Dan's fighting style, and means "strongest" or something, which you see is the joke. You can pick it as a fighting mode if you want, but it basically just makes your character suck.
  paleface 05:42:53 03/07/09
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  "Disc shot."
NETWORK MODE here is not actually playing people online; according to the manual, it could be used to download custom "Masters" AI opponents from a special web site, and then play against them using characters you build up in WORLD TOUR mode (in which you "level" up and gain special abilities by winning battles that sometimes have special rules, like having to fight two AI at once, and one's invincible). It doesn't seem to be compatible with the DC's BBA (Broadband Adapter) so I can't tell if the download site is still running.
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