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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
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  "Super Street Fighter II Turbo DC and PS2 ports."
A bargain of a collection if you don't already have the DC versions of Super Street Fighter II X (see entry 679) and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. I already have them, and I prefer them for their VGA support and SSFIIX's hidden menus, but I've played a friend's copy of this briefly in Vs so I may as well say something about it.
The video is really blurry, even on PS2 component output. I think they may have made it output in high-res, then get scaled down automatically by the non-progessive output for some cheap anti-aliasing. Well, I think that stinks.
Skip as quickly as possible past the stupid blurry intro video. Ugh, I'm guessing that wasn't in the Japanese version. Did the US version also come with the Japanese SFII version's combo vids? I didn't check, but reading reviews it doesn't look like it. But I read that it does come with the animated movie, for whatever that's worth (clips of which can be seen in the PS1's "Street Fighter II Movie" if you're really desperate (see entry 268).
SFII is kind of a scrambled version like the DC's Vampire Chronicle: here, when you select a character, you pick if you want the Super, Turbo, Normal, Hyper, etc or whatever version of that character. Now, some versions have better moves than others, so this is also a potential handicap, and like Vampire Chronicle you're kind of left with the impression of having played a blended mixed-up thing rather than a cohesive game. Still, I suppose it is nice to be able to have the various versions fight each other, though I'm not really hardcore enough to appreciate the differences (I just choose the first one where Cammy was available, mostly).
Otherwise the games seem to play as expected, blurriness aside, so hurrah.
  paleface 12:11:43 01/25/19
  paleface 16:57:13 09/28/19
The 3rd Strike here is the Dreamcast version (see entry 1357), with its extensive modes and options--except there's no 240p display mode; instead the game runs only in 480i, and has some pretty janky jaggies, with an optional smoothing filter to make them look kind of cartoonish.
It does have an additional Extra Options menu toggle that I appreciate though: you can turn off the car smashing and basketball parrying bonus games that interrupt Arcade Mode. ; )

It also has 1 to 2 frames less input lag (4 vs 5 or 6, by my count) than the Dreamcast version.

Oddly, on my set-up at least, the video is slightly too wide by default--but you can correct this by using the screen adjustment menu option thing to widen to the max, which just happens (hm) to be the correct 4:3 ratio:
  paleface 19:18:41 11/07/20

3rd Strike, and specifically the version here, has become my chill-out game: just cue up some Ryu vs CPU Ken in the VERSUS mode, set them in Akuma's lovely dark green forested giant moon stage under the watchful red gaze of a perched owl, maybe turn off flashy stuff like the super meter, supers, and EX moves, ready your unlocked 2nd Impact character colors, and just have a good ol' Street Fighting time. ^_^
  paleface 16:24:52 01/08/23
Whoops earlier talking about the default aspect ration being too wide, I should have said you can use the display options to "narrow it to the max" (94%) to get the correct 4:3 arcade aspect ratio, not "widen." 'p'
  paleface 18:43:46 01/13/23

Poorly executed Ryu uppercuts vs Vs CPU maximum difficulty (8/8 stars) Hugo & Ken Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (in Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on PS2).
CPU so silly 'p'
Just don't do it on their wake up (some) or when out of range. Like I did a lot. = p
  paleface 21:30:33 09/08/23
VERSUS is grayed-out on the 3rd Strike main menu until a second controller is plugged in, even if 2P is set to CPU in Options--and the game still makes you use the second controller to pick the 2P character. : P
  paleface 21:23:02 09/16/23
In Hyper, you can pick between an Arrange version of the soundtrack--I think it was Wikipedia that said this was from the FM Towns and 3DO versions or something--or the CPS1 or CPS2 soundtracks.
  paleface 22:35:29 09/16/23
Download added: 02_title.jpg (63494 bytes)
  "Title screen of Hyper"

I'm not sure who needed to play the various versions of the characters from all the versions of Street Fighter II against each other, but you can do that here in Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition. = P Except the CPU only ever plays as the ST versions. : PP
Also, the difficulty setting actually works, rather than just being super duper hard all the time like the US arcade version. And if you set it to Hardest difficulty (8th), it emulates the ridiculous US arcade version and kills you hard right from the first match, so you can still get that arcade-perfectness if you so desire!
Graphics are blurry 480i. : P
The Arrange soundtrack isn't really my thing, but you can switch it to the "CPS I" or "CPS II" soundtracks instead.
  paleface 22:40:27 09/16/23
Hyper has a Training Mode. The Gallery Mode doesn't actually have pictures; you can play music from Arrange/CPS I/CPS II, watch the opening movie or credits from any of the versions, or watch a low-res, edited (apparently) version of the animated SFII movie.
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