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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
Japanese version of Dreamcast 3rd Strike (see entry 1319 for the North American version).
3rd Strike will run in 240p if you aren't running in VGA, and you hold Start and R1 during boot-up. Somewhat oddly, the screen ratio in this mode is 5:4 rather than 4:3--ie, slightly too narrow. It is also fairly pixelated, but not slightly blurred like Double Impact (entry 1356).
  paleface 22:44:31 02/03/19
The video mode setting saves with the game's options, so if you keep your save file you only have to hold Start + R1 during one boot up--play sessions after that will set the game back to 240p when they auto-load your save file during start up. To disable 240p mode, hold Start + X during boot. (Start + Y will put the game in a 240p mode that uses the blur that 480i mode uses, I think--anyway it's really blurry and low-res. : P)
On my set-up I measured an input lag of about 5 frames in all video modes, including VGA. This compares with 6 for 2nd Impact in "W Impact" on DC; other 3rd Strike games are: 2 frames on PS3, 3 frames on PS4, and 4 frames on PS2. (The PS2 version is the only other one with VS CPU mode, though--and it's really blurry and interlaced. : P)
  paleface 01:41:14 02/11/19
The DC version has a VS CPU mode (well, you set either P1 or P2 from HUMAN to CPU in the Options menu), which is huge for me because as in most Street Fighter games, I for some reason find 3rd's regular arcade mode kind of depressing. The VS CPU is great, though! : D
The game also has an (unlockable) Extra Options menu, and a System Direction menu--between these three option menus you can tweak just about every facet of the game, from the length of rounds, to turning off super moves (I like this; 3rd's supers don't do full-screen flashes--KOFs do : P--unless you end the round with one, so they aren't too killer on the eyes to watch, but still flashier than I would like; also, they kind of dominate gameplay too much : P), to turning off different parts of the UI, to oh well just pages and pages of options, it's pretty nuts. (Can't turn off the Bonus Rounds in arcade mode in Extra Options here, though, as you can in the PS2 version that was developed from this one (and the PS3 "Online Edition" was developed from that one...but they removed VS CPU! : P)) Basically you can tweak the game to just about anything you like, it's great.
Beating the arcade mode with a character unlocks an extra set of colors for that character (hold Start while selecting them, basically). : )
Oh and they made new remixes of the stage music for the DC version--the remixes alternate with the regular mixes starting in round 3 of a match.
You can see a lot of this stuff in action in this video:
  paleface 11:37:55 09/04/20
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  "Title screen, 240p mode."

^ Intro.
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