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Street Fighter II Movie
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
An interesting bit of kitsch rather than what you could call a game. You get to watch most of the Street Fighter II anime movie (not the live-action one with van Damme), albiet in low, compressed resolution. I say "most" because while almost all of the fighting scenes are here, I think they've cut sidestory sequences with Cammy and others.
During the fights you act as a Shadaloo cyborg gathering surveillance data on the Street Fighter characters: you're given a certain number of photos you can take and if you press the button when someone does a successful attack, you hear a little ringing tone. This supposedly improves the cyborg's fighting abilities. I guess I was bad at this because my cyborg is about as tough as a drunken kitten.
Which kind of makes the laughable "fighting" mode, where you can only play the cyborg vs. Ryu in what looks like a bad SFII port, even worse. Let's see, my strongest fireball takes two pixels off his health meter, while his attacks take off about 20% of mine. Whee, fun. Oh yeah the other sucky part about the fighting is that if you want to start the game up and go to the fight mode (I don't know why you'd do this but bear with me) you have to boot disc one, then swap to disc 2. The load times aren't good and the game doesn't work with a PS2's fast load option.
What I was really hoping was that you'd be able to review the photos you took (my great snaps of Chun Li getting out of the shower!) but alas, you cannot. So, enjoy the edited movie, mock the "fighting" sequence, and treasure this rightfully-obscure corner of the once-mighty Street Fighter franchise.
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