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Street Fighter Collection
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Two-disc collection of the Street Fighter II games, in pretty solid conversions--there are brief loading times between matches in arcade modes, but you also get perks such as training modes, and English-language versions of the games that have the more recent Japanese arcade game tweaks: on disc 1, for instance, Champion Edition has the character move changes that were found only in the Japanese version, such as Balrog's Turn Around Punch having multiple charging levels, his Dash Punch hitting crouching characters, and all of Sagat's Tiger Uppercuts causing knockdown, rather than just the light one; on disc 2, Super Turbo has the fixed difficulty setting found in the Japanese arcade version, where the difficulty varies with the setting you choose, as opposed to the US arcade version, where the game always plays at the hardest difficulty level.
  paleface 16:50:17 07/12/19
Oops, I conflated two separate single-disc compilations: Street Fighter Collection has Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and Street Fighter Alpha Gold; and Street Fighter Collection 2, a separate compilation, has the first three SFII games: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, and Street Fighter II Turbo.
  paleface 20:52:52 09/16/23
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Collection of Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo on disc 1, and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold on disc 2.
This version does not have the busted, always-super-hard difficulty of the US arcade version of ST! So you can set it on difficulty 1 and it actually doesn't kill you immediately on Stage 1. However, it was still easier than the arcade version, at least in the early stages, when I set it to the max difficulty 8 setting; so if you wanted the full ridiculous arcade challenge, you wouldn't quite get that here.
There are load times, but aside from that and the different difficulty, as a port of ST it feels spot-on and quite impressive, with rather glorious 240p graphics.
I haven't tested input delay in this version. It feels pretty responsive. CE in Collection 2 has several frames less delay than CE in the PS4 version of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on my set-up, and I expect this is about the same.
Oh huh looks like unlike Street Fighter Collection 2 (which has the first three SFII games), in this one, you don't unlock a "CPU Battle" mode if you 1cc Arcade Mode. At least, there's no listing of such on GameFAQ's Cheats page for Collection 1: .
About US vs Japanese turbo numbering, David Sirlin's feature list for HD Remix does say the US arcade default of 2 corresponds to the Japanese arcade default of 3. (There's a sort of chart on that seems to have it all mixed up somehow. : P)
  paleface 21:17:10 09/16/23
The SFII games in these collections have the best button mapping: just hit the button you want for the listed attack, it maps to it and advances to the next one. Hey!
  paleface 21:26:06 09/24/23

Super Street Fighter II Turbo input delay comparison
My previous tests of SF2 were Champion Edition (not WW like I think I said here : P), the Street Fighter Collection 2 version (see entry 1367) on PS1 and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection version on PS4 (see entry 1368); I counted 4 and 5 frames for them, respectively, at that time.
0:00 - PS3 - HD Remix (see entry 1281) - 5 frames of delay
2:15 - PC - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (see entry 1595) - 4 frames
3:25 - PC - Capcom Arcade Stadium (see entry 1661) - ~4.25 frames
5:32 - PC - MAME 0.119 (30th Anniv ROM) (see entry 1656) - 7 frames
8:34 - PS2 - Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2 (see entry 1154) - 6 frames
9:56 - PS1 - Street Fighter Collection (see entry 1366) - 3 frames
The PC versions had Vsync off. Capcom Arcade Stadium was set to 59.94 Hz. CCC2 had progressive scan on. After the poor result in MAME 0.119 -- current MAME won't run the ST ROM dumped from 30th Anniversary with the Game Extraction Toolbox ) -- I tried Final Burn Neo (see entry 1663), but FBNeo wouldn't run it either.
Delay in 30th Anniversary was highly variable, from 3 to 5 frames. It was somewhat unstable in Arcade Stadium, but not quite as much.
So, the PS1 version is still the best I can run. = D
However, it's not the version I'm going to be playing. The Dreamcast version--see entry 679 --one I used to own, but sold with the rest of my collection when I moved 4-5 years ago...--that, when dumped and run with the right settings in a certain emulator, will, it appears, get me 1 frame of delay.
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