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Metal Slug 3
  opened by paleface at 03:22:40 08/25/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Platformer; reg=JPN]
Glorious port of perhaps the most spritey game ever created. In addition to the full arcade mode with all its vehicles and branching missions you can also unlock "Fat Island," a single-screen platformer where you eat your way through five stages of food-laden grunts, with two players (if you're playing with two, otherwise the CPU controls player 2) competing for grub, and "UFO," where you play as one of three soldier types, running through the aliens ship to rescue your boss (I think--I haven't reached the end once, you only get one life!).
The Ranking screens keep track of all trophies, stages, times and prisoners collected (I played all the way through Arcade mode, 37 continues (oh, the shame of it), and rescued a total of 5 prisoners out of a total of 1027 possible--that's gonna take me a while). Oh, you can also select to start at any finished mission of arcade mode.
Much less slowdown than the arcade version--very little, in fact, and zero loading time, ever. Fantastique! Lots of English and clear icons in the menus, and comes with an English cheat-sheet for the Japanese-impaired with hidden bonus Engrish nuggets: "Please try to dodge your way through the bullets and succeed a mission." Yes, do.
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