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Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.20: Space Harrier II
  opened by paleface at 15:40:58 05/08/24  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Shooter_3D; reg=J]
The full title is "Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.20: Space Harrier II - Space Harrier Complete Collection."
It's a PS2 game on the Japanese PS3 PS Store, downloadable and playable on PS3.
On a jailbroken PS3, you can extract it as an iso to run in PCSX2 on PC using Apollo Save Tool. I haven't found a converter that can make it into a bin/cue that will compress to a .chd for PCSX2, so this version for me is stuck as a 627 MB ROM rather than a ~57 MB ROM.
(There are 109 PS2 games on the JP PS3 store: .)
Oh I had told the eBay seller I had just bought it from to cancel when I found it was downloadable; then I found I couldn't play it compressed and asked them to keep the sale open--then they cancelled it. Could re-buy but it would be awkward maybe so eh I'll just leave it, unless they bring it up. It was a sealed copy for a little over $120. Even unsealed copies were going for that much.
To get this from the JP PS3 store, usually I'd use a PSN gift card from, but today that just wasn't working: paying through PayPal would return to the site with nothing; logging into their site would result in blank pages. So I bought a PSN JP gift card from a few sites that also didn't work.
The arcade port here by M2 looks almost identical to the one said to be by M2 in Yakuza 6 (see entry 1779), only slightly less blurry. (Sort of like how the Super Hang On "M2" port in Y6 is at the wrong aspect ratio, while the PS3 version is correct.) And you don't need ~38 GB of Yakuza installed to play it. ^ _^ (Not to mention getting to the in-game arcade at the start. : P) Plus, in Yakuza there was only Easy and Normal difficulties.
This PS2 one has options for "480i(640x448)" (default), "240p(640x224)," and "480p." 480p looks a bit too wide. Extracted and running in PCSX2, what it calls 480i and 240p look identical, while 480p looks too wide.
You can also play the Sega Mark III version of Space Harrier, as well as versions of "SPACE HARRIERII" and "SPACE HARRIER3D."
  paleface 17:03:14 05/08/24
A PS3 PS2 iso extracted by Apollo Save Tool--they come out as "ISO.BIN.ps2.iso"--can be used uncompressed in PCSX2, but cannot be compressed raw to a .chd with chdman, as it is an .iso format chdman can't read.
I found two ways to deal with this:
ImgBurn: burn the .iso to disc, then rip the disc to bin/cue, and convert them to .chd; the drawback here is that it takes a DVD-R (oddly, I can't seem to coax ImgBurn into converting directly from .iso into a bin/cue that will read in PCSX2)
PowerISO: $40 to register, but then its "Convert" function can convert the (with Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.20: Space Harrier II for instance) 627 MB Apollo iso into a 546 MB "Standard ISO" that compresses to a 49.4 MB .chd, same size as with ImgBurn, and works in PCSX2
  paleface 17:46:17 05/08/24
Good article on the various ports and hidden ports:
  paleface 19:59:36 05/08/24
Also I think you can continue in this arcade version, whereas I couldn't continue in Space Harrier in Yakuza 6. : P
I think I'd rather I COULDN'T quarter-feed through it though; will I be able to stay strong? And keep seeing how far I can get on one credit on Easy, I suppose? Hm ah hmmm
  paleface 20:27:51 05/08/24
I think this version doesn't have the 32x and Saturn ports in it.
The secrets mentioned in the Kimimi article are summarized on GameFAQs : extra 3D modes in Space Harrier 3D, the Game Gear port of Space Harrier, the JP Master System startup screen w/ Space Harrier music, and clearing the arcade version unlocks Space Harrier sheet music.
  paleface 16:51:41 05/09/24

(Oops apparently PCSX2 doesn't like to capture full-screen in OBS desktop capture, blargh.)
(I think I DID get .iso files from a non-burn ImgBurn conversion that WOULD compress in CHDMAN, but then didn't actually load properly in PCSX2.)
  paleface 19:49:36 06/20/24

None of the other Space Harriers here have a patch on the arcade version--but the arcade version is fabulous! And sharper and more responsive here than when Sega crammed this M2 port of the arcade version into the virtual arcades of Yakuza 6.
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