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  "Good stuff comin'..."
This is it, the reason I got a Game Boy Player (entry 86) for the GC. One of the very first GB games I got way back for my brick-shaped GB. I almost like this version better than the NES version, maybe just out of pocket nostalgia. The music is fantastic and the gameplay is spot-on. I wish it saved high-scores but I suppose a battery would probably have died by now anyway. Great version of the game--later ones, to my knowledge, don't have these original "Russian" tunes, which nearly make the game all by themselves as far as I'm concerned.
  paleface 20:18:56 02/13/23
I checked out the diffs of the JP GB Tetris, which goes for slightly less on eBay: doesn't appear to be much except the first run of 25K carts was a slightly earlier version--and has different Type-A music, not the classic Russian folk music type thing! It's called the "1.0" version--vs the later, 1.1 version--and usually lists for about 4.5x the price--like, $60. This other person's video shows some of the differences: .
  paleface 23:40:34 03/16/23

66336 pts--oh, I got to level 11, I don't think I'd realized that.
It just isn't Tetris for me without that A-Type music, which is a huge part of why I wasn't happy until I got this version I guess. Of course, there's a copyright claim on it that makes any video posted of it share the ad revenue with the copyright holder. Oh well, I guess I can't blame them (much : P), it's a worthwhile tune! ... The capitalist running dogs! ^P ^
The name of Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov--or, that's how his Russian name is rendered in Roman characters these days--is spelled "Alexey Pazhitnov" on the game's start-up screen.
  paleface 15:48:20 03/17/23
Tulpa says of the spelling of the creator's name :
Neither is quite a standard romanization but romanization of cyrillic tends to be up to the preference of the person more often than not (my own real name is not romanized in the standard way because the standard would be too confusing for english speakers)
Алексей Пажитнов in standard romanization would be Aleksei Pazhitnov, so I'm sure he went with Alexey Pajitnov when he immigrated to the US simply because english speakers are more likely to get the pronunciation close enough with that spelling.
the zh/j is the same sound as the 'g' in genre'
  paleface 18:48:24 04/05/23

I gotta remember to set SGB2 input to Type A! Otherwise the rotation buttons are backwards from how they are in my head. = o
71480 pts--well, better than last time. ^ _^
I like a lotta these weird SGB2 palettes but most of them are slightly washed out, and I was starting to feel a bit of eyestrain--gotta remember to go into the color mode and up their contrast a little.
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