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Tennis 2K2
  opened by paleface at 22:25:04 01/19/04  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Sports; reg=NA]
I can't speak from too much experience with this game but it seems pretty darn excellent in most respects. In the distant past I've played a little single-player and found it incredibly challenging: the AI seems quite capable of covering every angle on the court, and taking advantage in the slightest opening allowed it. It is killer, really killer.
Played some multiplayer women's doubles yesterday and had quite a time. The game is so smooth in control, pacing, movement, animation and graphics (aside from rather mottled skin tones) that I don't see how anyone could possibly dislike it. It can move incredibly quickly and you have to be on your toes at all times, yet the control is so easy and intuitive that you'll find yourself pulling off moves of which you wouldn't have thought yourself possible. This game makes me feel like a tennis pro in the comfort of my own living room.
  paleface 15:29:31 04/29/07
Having played the Virtua Tennis 3 demo on PS3, I find myself coming back to the DC version of the second, and liking it more. The more electronically oriented music in the DC edition is way better than the electric guitar of the VT3 demo, as far as I'm concerned, and it seems like they've dumbed the difficulty of the newer one down considerably. Heck, the 2k2 also just seems to have snappier control.
  paleface 16:48:37 02/16/24
"Having played the Virtua Tennis 3 demo on PS3"--Oh I suppose I could dig this out of my Downloads on PS3, maybe, but the only VT that comes up on the PS Store on PS3 now is Virtua Tennis 2009--a "re-created" as Wikipedia puts it version of VT3 by Sumo Digital--and it's disc-only so you can't buy/download it there anyway. : PP
Was comparing this to Virtua Tennis (DC) and it's smoother in terms of animation but maybe not really in a meaningful way as far as arcade gameplay goes, and I can't help feeling that for the SNAPPIEST action I should stick to the original. 2 doesn't zoom the camera in quite as close, and the replays after each point are a bit more intrusive.
  paleface 22:28:24 02/16/24
With emulator Flycast's Widescreen option, court can show over the full 16:9, looks nice--doesn't have models disappearing once they move off the central 4:3 like they do with the same option in Virtua Tennis (1); like VT1 though, toggles to 4:3 for replay, which is pretty jarring/blinky given how fast points go.
  paleface 22:32:30 02/16/24
Has three hit buttons: Top spin, slice, lob. VT1 had just shot and lob--that may be the final thing I needed to decide to stick with VT1. ^ _^
(VT3 has the VT2-style 3 buttons as well. VT4 adds some kind of charge-up slo-mo Power Shot, I've read; also seen a lot of people saying they don't really like how it works.)
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