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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
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  paleface 03:42:16 10/26/05 [title updated; cat=Adventure]
They've taken the city from Grand Theft Auto 3, along with all the insane car chasing/wrecking, mobsters, and swearing, and somehow stuffed it all onto the PSP with fairly minimal load times. It really is a technical feat, and once you get used to the controls, that have to fudge a bit for not having a separate analog stick to adjust the camera (you can do it, but it involves holding other buttons), it pretty much feels like you're playing a semi-new Grand Theft Auto game, only you don't have to learn the street layout all over again.
As with the other PS2 GTA games, LCS comes with a huge in-game playlist on the car radio stations. Supposedly you can also use custom soundtracks composed of mp3s stored on your memory card, but this feature is locked at the beginning of the game. Kind of nifty, though.
I've never played any of these GTA games to completion--nowhere near it, in fact. What playing I do get in tends to be mindless rampaging exploration across the city--and you can do that just peachy here. Motorcycles? Thanks. Flamethrower hidden on a rooftop? Just the thing. Oh, and ambulances and fire trucks respond almost immediately to emergencies. Once I dove out of a car (accidentally ;), leaving it to rocket ahead at full speed into a crowded intersection, where it crashed and exploded. Carnage everywhere, and within seconds an ambulance zips up, sirens wailing. Two paramedics jump out, give the injured people CPR, and go about their business while I stand near the wreckage with stranded drivers yelling at me to get a job. Oh, what fun.
So far, it seems that you can only save between missions, and only at certain designated spots (to start out, you only know the save spot in your apartment). It'd have been far more convenient, what with it being a handheld system and all, if you could save at any time--but there's always Sleep mode, I suppose.
I'll probably never finish it (oh, yeah, and the constant streaming disc access will drain your battery something like twice as fast more pedestrian PSP games), but I suspect that this is going to be something of a killer app for the system here in the States. Finally.
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