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Grand Theft Auto V
  opened by paleface at 20:23:12 05/24/23  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Adventure; reg=NA]
A curiously tiny world, but maybe one you can move into.
  paleface 22:33:46 05/24/23

Bumbling around in Director Mode of the Steam / PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, with the mode's Wanted Status option set to Disabled so the cops don't try to stop me.
  paleface 02:33:13 05/25/23
Not sure if the game tested my 2020 mid-range gaming laptop to determine default graphic detail settings; they came up "Very High" to "High," but I found I had to lower the three sliders--two for "Population" and one for "Distance"--from their default at all the way up, in order for the game to maintain a solid 60 fps. I lowered the three to the minimum without noticing a significant drop in detail or whatnot; maybe stuff in the distance drops to lower detail faster? I dunno, I didn't notice a big difference so I didn't do a closer visual comparison.
  paleface 08:49:12 05/29/23
Little shudders visible in skybox when driving around with vsync off, guess I'll keep it on.
  paleface 14:44:22 06/07/23
There's a wide range of vehicles available (especially in Director Mode with police and military attacks set to disabled), from golf carts to dump trucks to buses to jet skis to fighter jets (I couldn't seem to hijack the subway train, and I failed in my attempt to leap from a police helicopter onto the blimp, but maybe you can catch it on the ground somewhere), but for someone who hadn't played a GTA since going through III and IV back in their day--not sure I got through III, come to think of it-messing around town was very distracting ; )--the base driving model in V is surprisingly poor: it feels more like pushing blocks around than driving a vehicle.
The motorbikes are at least relatively nimble, but still. And in Director Mode there aren't any set races (also I found the downtown area surprisingly small); there would be some in Story Mode I'm pretty sure but then I'd probably have to use guns and run from cops, etc. I scurried through the instanced free-for-all killfest of online to host one funky go-cart race by myself, but it didn't even occur to me to keep going to try to improve my time--not sure it was tracked--after enduring about one lap.
It was was fun to explore some of the most obvious vehicles and environments in a long-ish DM session but having done that, I'm not feeling there's a whole lot left--outside of running from cops and being made to kill characters, probably, in Story Mode--to pull me back. From the looks of it (my one try and YT videos) the online racing mode at its wildest doesn't touch something like Trackmania (see entry 1604), and for tooling consequences-free around a large-ish map, it has it in breadth but still can't touch the far from perfect but still far superior driving model of Forza Horizon 4 (see entry 1608).
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