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Gigawing 2
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Take what I said about the first game, change the spectacular 2d graphics into spectacular 3d graphics, give it five playable characters and up to four players simultaneously, and you've got the Gigawing sequel.
I played three players at once and felt sorry for the bosses. Boss battles went like this: boss shows up, starts shooting, Reflector Force, Bomb, Reflector Force, Bomb, etc... Ouch. There was so much stuff going off at once you couldn't really tell which was yours. It was pretty neat. ;) Can't imagine what four would be like.
This one might even be a tad shorter than the last one, we're talking like 15 minutes to blast through, or less. But it's a fun 15 minutes, darn it! Oh, the bosses don't sod off early this time around, which is nice. On the other hand, you get copious amounts of slowdown during big Reflect Force hits.
Actually there are two kinds of Reflect Force this time around that you pick when starting up: Reflect Bomb, which bounces the shots back in the direction they came, like the first game, or Reflect Beam, which absorbs the shots, shoots out rays tracking to the current enemies, then blasts them. Beam sure seems a bit more effective than Bomb as far as I can tell.
One annoying thing: when going to save, the game checks for free space but doesn't check for an existing GW2 file first, so if you have a save file already, but not enough space free for a second one (which you'd never have on the same VMU anyway, grr), it refuses to let you save. Gah!
For a short burst of sheer electronic mayhem, particularly with multiple players, I don't know much that beats this.
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