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1.1350PS2FightingNAGuilty Gear X
2.1349PS2Action_VarietyNASega Classics Collection
3.434PS2FightingJPNSNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
4.279PS1FightingJPNTatsunoko Fight
5.1348PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match
6.1001PS2FightingJPNNeo*Geo Battle Coliseum
7.1345PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2003
8.895DCHardwareJPNCapcom vs SNK ASCII Stick FT
9.896PS2HardwareJPNCapcom vs SNK 2 ASCII Stick FT2
10.1092PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters XI
11.1347PCFightingNASamurai Shodown II
12.1012PS2FightingJPNBakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi 1-2 (NeoGeo Online Collection v.2)
13.1346PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters NESTS Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.7)
14.1341PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters NESTS Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.7)
15.1163PS2Action_VarietyJPNTaito Memories II: Last Volume
16.1159PS2Action_VarietyJPNTaito Memories II: 1st Volume
17.877PS2Action_VarietyJPNTaito Memories: Last Volume
18.853PS2Action_VarietyJPNTaito Memories: 1st Volume
19.1154PS2Action_VarietyNACapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2
20.40PS1Beat_em_upJPNCaptain Commando
21.332PS1PuzzleJPNMr. Driller G
22.195PS1PlatformerJPNPepsi Man
23.1344PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters Orochi Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.3)
24.1343PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2001
25.1342PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2000
26.1340PCFightingNALethal League
27.1339PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters XI
28.1282PS3FightingNAStreet Fighter IV
29.1338PS4FightingNAThe King of Fighters 2000
30.1336PS4PuzzleNAArcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man

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