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The King of Fighters 2000
  opened by paleface at 03:24:54 05/08/16  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]
I was super excited when I saw this on the PSN store, because KOF 2000 is my favorite KOF, and it would be sweet to have it on the PS4--my DC version (see entry 139) having only VGA-out, a slightly sub-arcade-level controller, no pause screen move lists, no English win quites, and so forth.
Unfortunately, even though it doesn't say it anywhere in the PSN store description of the game, this is a "PS2 Classics" edition, ie a sort of port of the PS2 port of the game, complete with weird memory card simulation screens and so forth. It doesn't have the bonus puzzle mode the DC version has, but it does have full English text, the Arrange soundtrack like the DC version, and a somewhat bizarre "Party Mode" that is a Survival mode, but starts wayyyyy too easy, stand stays too easy for uh well a really long time; I think I waded through like 54 stages on my first go--the AI actually starts moving and pushing buttons somewhere around the mid-40s or so. ; P
Anyway this would still be cool and it looks sharp and all initially--there are also two screen sizes to choose from, and a scanline option--except that the character sprites have this weird anti-aliasing on them, kind of hard to make out unless you pause the game, but definitely there and has the effect of making them look slightly out of focus against the razor-sharp backgrounds. Actually made my eyes hurt after a while. ;P Dang man. Guess I'm sticking with the DC version--the VGA output isn't quite as sharp on my projector as my PS4's 1080p, but at least the sprites are a bit sharper, and have the same level of focus as backgrounds, and don't have weird semi-transparent fringes and extra interpolated colors on the faces why does that even happen.
Oh well, I can still hold out hope that 2K will come along through SNK's new PS4 port program (Metal Slug 3 so far, Last Blade 2 on the way) that appears to have proper sprite presentation. ... Unless releasing the PS2 port now means they *won't* bring it over again in the new port system... Oh hm well I'll keep hoping.
  paleface 03:47:57 05/08/16
The PS2's Start and Select buttons are hard-mapped to the right and left sides of the PS4's touchpad... So hopefully your favorite PS4 fighting controller has one, otherwise you will have a bit of a time managing some of the game's menu navigation, at least.
  paleface 01:05:42 09/01/18
The ability to play full rounds--with optional random character switches at the end--in Practice mode, which the DC version has (and which the DC version in the NESTS compilation on PS2 has), is gone here: characters cannot die in the Practice mode in this version. : P
Likewise, being able to play on a stage from a different SNK fighting game (I've seen a KOF 97 stage, a KOF 99 stage, a Fatal Fury (I think) stage, a Last Blade stage...) by picking a Maniac striker or Another striker for the CPU in Practice mode--or for player 2 in VS mode, although come to think of it I didn't check for it in VS mode in this version, just Practice--is gone. GameFAQs says you can unlock other stages--and the names sound like stages from other KOFs, maybe?--by beating lots of characters in Party Mode, but I think I've done that, and anyway Practice mode has no mechanism to pick stages; you just get a random KOF 2000 stage, no matter what strikers are selected.
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