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Arcade Archives Dig Dug
  opened by paleface at 15:09:28 10/07/22  
  last modified by paleface at 21:09:15 12/07/22  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Puzzle; loc=NA]
In Namco's Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug on PS4 (see entry 1476), a score of 48K got me to rank 8600 on the leaderboard. In Hamster's Arcade Archives: Dig Dug on PS4, my current piddly day 2 score of 72,000pts puts me at 30th on the Hi Score Mode leaderboard (4th highest in the States! the other top 26 are from Japan). : P
But the Namco version is blurry. = p (On the PS Store, Arcade Archives Dig Dug is $7.99; Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug is $3.99 -- actually at the moment it's on sale for $1.99.) Its wider-than-3:4 aspect ratio is probably (?) more arcade-CRT-accurate than Arcade Archives Dig Dug's slightly narrower-than-3:4. But less suited to cell-phone portrait mode playback. And the blur! Even blurrier than their Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man (see entry 1336). And switching back and forth between them, Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug feels like it's running slightly slower than Arcade Archives Dig Dug. And Game Series does this annoying thing where it overlays its "Option button" UI over the bottom right corner of the arcade screen.
  paleface 15:21:20 10/07/22
Actually the Arcade Game Series version is significantly wider than 3:4, so maybe that isn't so arcade-CRT-accurate. Arcade Archives' slightly narrower than 3:4 aspect may simply be due to a little extra black space at the screen bottom.
  paleface 22:07:17 10/07/22
  paleface 21:09:15 12/07/22

Managed to improve my high score a bit, hurrah. : ) Up to rank 16 here, currently the highest non-JP score. : P
Oh say actually it's not quite up to what I had in the Namco Museum 3 PS1 version four years ago: 119580. So, still a bit of catching up to do there. : D
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