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Dig Dug Revival
  opened by paleface at 21:36:27 12/28/22  
  last modified by paleface at 12:23:17 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Puzzle; reg=EUR]

You can get Dig Dug Revival for however much you're comfortable paying or not paying from: is aka LC Games aka Luca Carminati
The first stage (as it says on the intro screen) is not random; all the others are. Wonder why not the first one?
Randomization is exactly what Dig Dug needed to avoid feeling oppressive, now you go into each round looking forward to what new challenges it will bring. I've already seen plus-shaped caves, and caves stacked one on top of of the other. : D And so far it hasn't done that mean thing regular Dig Dug does of spawning monsters exactly on top of each other so you go to inflate what you think is a lone monster and a second pops out from right on top of it and kills you--hasn't happened here. : )​
Max Enemies is an interesting option: default 8, other possible settings 10 and 12. I set it to 12 but only saw up to 10 in a later stage...and quickly died. ; D The Difficulty option (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert) I think changes how quickly the enemies will phase through walls to come after you.
Unlike the author's also-2021 game Lady Pac, Dig Dug Revival does not have per-Difficulty high score screens, and its high score screen doesn't show the options under which a score was achieved.
I love the variety of cave arrangements you can get. ^ _^
  paleface 18:09:06 01/05/23

Wanted a sharp video after I fixed a capture setting. : )
Got a really high score. = o To round 46! = ooo Despite just comical death mistakes with later lives. You get so many lives! That was on default settings; I'll have try increasing max enemies next time and see how that goes. : D
Figured out I could tunnel right through enemies if I mashed the fire button--probably a chance that WON'T quite work but mostly it did; desperation tactics. ; )
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