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You can get RandomPac for however much you're comfortable paying or not paying from: is aka LC Games aka Luca Carminati.
RandomPac, from 2019, and doesn't have as many options as for instance the author's 2021 twist on Ms. Pac-Man, "Lady Pac"; the only option in RandomPac is one they appear to have added later at the request of a YouTube viewer, adding an option to select between starting with 3 or 5 lives.
Some of his key functions aren't quite as polished here: P for Pause in RandomPac doesn't pause the sound, so the ghost "woowoowoo" or whatever for instance can continue going indefinitely while paused; also, Home to return to the main menu doesn't work while paused, unlike in Lady Pac--and the "PAUSE" text is high res and clashes a bit with the low res chunkiness of the game itself.
There's no difficulty setting here; it seems somewhat easier than arcade Pac-Man--I got 50K, whereas I think I struggle to get 30K in Pac-Man. Hm I didn't try the 5 lives setting but it looks like there's only one high score screen, with no indication of which lives setting was used (unlike Lady Pac, which shows the options settings, and has separate high score screens per its difficulty setting).
The game plays great though and I think I enjoy the maze generation more here than in Lady Pac; RandomPac seems to generate longer wall segments, leading to more interesting maze structures, and the ghost house can change its vertical position significantly, allowing for more overall variation from stage to stage. Oh, and the bonus stage is sometimes you chasing ghosts rather than mobile Ms. Pac-Man-style fruit, which is nice variety (you only get a 2K bonus for grabbing all the items on the bonus screen, vs the rather mammoth (TOO mammoth?) 6K bonus you get in Lady Pac).
(Ghost bonus round is 21 ghosts; fruit bonus round is 21 fruit.)
Notice the extra-tall maze wall chunk in the second-to-bottom row. : ) Lady Pac has it too! In regular Pac-Man, the extra-tall row is the second from the top; in regular Ms. Pac-Man, it's the fourth from the top.
  paleface 11:31:10 01/05/23

Fixed a capture setting so this video's a little sharper than the previous one. ^ _^
  paleface 21:33:44 04/17/23

Turbo mode (toggle by pressing the G key on the keyboard; speeds up just you, not enemies) feels like something you can't put back in the bottle, so I guess I'm playing fast now = o.
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