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Tutankham Returns
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You can get the game for however much you're comfortable paying or not paying from:
Windows version (the one in this video):
C64 version: is aka LC-Games aka Luca Carminati -- on YouTube as @lucacarminati2095 :
Repetitive zapping of constant enemy respawns.
You have left/right but not up/down fire buttons; however, you can hit enemies coming from above or below by shooting, then moving in the opposite direction: your shot trace lingers for a half-second, so an enemy following closely behind you will run into it and take the hit. Not easy to do, though!
The main difference over the 1982 Konami arcade original, Tutankham--which I have not studied extensively--seems to be that the seven stage layouts are new. Difficulty setting--different than LC-Games' others: Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, Extreme--speeds up enemy respawns, and adds more locks and keys, which, since you can only carry one key at once, means a lot more doubling back through the incredibly heavy shower of respawns. There's a nice and straightforward key-mapping screen for the two fire buttons (oh yeah and the Flash Bomb button); you can even map them to your left/right move keys, if you want, although that will reduce your maximum possible firing efficiency slightly.
You get a time-remaining-based bonus score on completing a level, so staying to milk respawns for points isn't all that profitable.
Never did remember to try the Flash Bomb. : P
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