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Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man
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Pretty much the same set-up as Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man; kinda blurry at all but postage-stamp sizes, which is why I'm playing the Arcade Archives version on PS4 instead. But it comes in handy at times:

Aw I screwed up my first line when recording this and said "or is Rogue the first Pac-Man" instead of "first Pac-like." Sheesh! Anyway, just a silly idea I had about how these two games, both of which came out in 1980--Pac-Man in Japanese arcades in July, Rogue in probably California university computer labs at some unspecified point in the year--feature a round player character chasing or being chased by undead monsters around a maze laden with a pattern of dots and scattered powerups.
And just to make the relationship more explicit, for the commercial version of Rogue in 1984, now with color graphics, they changed the "@" character symbol to a yellow smiley face "☺"--which obviously is just Pac-Man looking at us head-on, as if to say "Get it?" ^ _^ (Also, by 1984 Pac-Man had made tons of money, and at least one of the creators of Rogue still WANTED to make tons of money.)
So... Is Pac-Man the first roguelike, or is Rogue the first Pac-like? : D
I downloaded Rogue 3.6.1 (said to be the first widely released version, in 1981), DOS version, from The Rogue Archive:
· Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man (PC)
· RandomPac (PC)

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