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Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man
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Playing the Steam version of Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man, on PC!
I had pixel-perfect scaling on MY end, but to be fair I should point out that because I didn't put big borders on the video to get it to a standard HD size, it's extremely unlikely that you'll get to view it without SOME rescaling on your device--unless your device just happens to have a height of exactly 2304 pixels!
Oh, well there's always pinching and zooming and that kind of thing, too.
Anyway, the pixel-perfect mode only displays at 576p (twice the arcade resolution of 288p) on my 1080p screen, which turned out to be just too darn small for my eyeballs to enjoy. Dang. So I had to switch to the game's somewhat blurry scaling to get a decent display size for playing.
  paleface 19:30:01 12/08/22

Playing the Steam version of Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man, on PC!
The 2x pixel-perfect scaling setting didn't end up working out for me in the Arcade Game Series games (Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man) on Steam; that runs them at just 576 pixels tall and eh it was too tiny and eyestrain started creeping in. So, here we are back to blurry full-screen size, blargh. Well, not for Dig Dug and Pac-Man--I'm playing the *Arcade Archives* PS4 versions of those instead, which let you turn off bilinear filtering.
Actually this "max" zoom cutting off the "HI SCORE" at the top and half the fruits at the bottom looks terrible in playback. : P So next time I'll zoom it out less so it won't cut stuff off; won't really make a difference on the blurriness anyway. '_"
Now I'll just set all my silly hopes and dreams on Namco deciding to go all scorched earth on those AtGames copyright snipers and let Hamster release an Arcade Archives Pac-Mom. ; D
Huh, they kinda did go pretty full bore on AtGames already in the 2019 lawsuit: according to the Wiki wiki/History_of_Ms._ Pac-Man_legal_issues# Bandai_Namco_vs._ AtGames_lawsuit_ (2019-2020) (remove the spaces) , during the case, Namco released some surprisingly snarly statements:
"Namco ensured that 'AtGames' investment will be useless,' and would make sure that 'there is zero income stream delivered pursuant [to the] agreement.'"
Ka-boom! So yeah then they started replacing Ms. Pac-Man with Pac-Mom in all new releases of Pac games. I'd been puzzled as to why Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man remained in online stores; I can only figure now that since the Arcade Game Series release pre-dates AtGames' acquisition of the Ms. Pac-Man rights from the GCC founders, AtGames has no claim on Arcade Game Series sales--otherwise Namco would have nuked it. That would follow the lines of the 200x lawsuit vs GCC, where it was decided that GCC would be owed royalties on "any *new* release of Ms. Pac-Man."
If that's the case then technically (I mean, I have no idea but whatever) they could fire off an Arcade Archives Pac-Mom. Do it, Namco/Hamster! Hit 'em hard! ; D
(Mind you, Namco SHOULD have bought GCC out themselves decades ago for a piddly few mill or whatever; but no they were stubborn and stingy and let AtGames pick off the rights for the reported $10M in 2019.)
  paleface 17:42:57 05/19/23
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