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Final Fight: Double Impact
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Action_Variety; loc=NA]
Accidentally found myself in a pick-up online game of Final Fight in Final Fight: Double Impact on PS3 last night! Jeepers I think maybe the last beat-em-up I played online prior to this was a random six-player X-Men rampage shortly after that game released (also on PS3, HM) in 2010. = P
Well see FF:DI drops you right into this rotating 3D scene where the game's menu is like printed on the wall of the ruins of a building around an arcade cabinet, and I don't know if it was the default to auto-jump into an online game but in any case they made it so you probably aren't more than like two or three flaily button presses way from it–and the menu was printed so small and non-obviously on the heavily textured wall that I didn’t see it, so I flailed at the buttons, thinking the game was stuck or something; next thing I know, I'm loading into a game. ; )
Actually ran pretty well; some kind of delay-based networking but only chugged a bit once or twice near the start. I stuck around for a stage or so so as not to walk out on the other player immediately. Seems like maybe you can get some more hits in on the first boss if there are multiple of you to be able to jump on him when he tries to move to other areas of the screen–I'd forgotten about that sort of thing.
So accidental Final Fight was kind of fun. ^ _^ And someone had just happened to have been playing an open session on PS3 in 2022 just as I'd dredged FF:DI out of the depths of my PS3's download list after all these years and accidentally bashed on the menu buttons! = oo
  paleface 23:50:47 10/17/22

Can't remap the controls. "Challenges" appear over the screen during gameplay. The game isn't actually paused while you're changing Settings, even in single-player. There's no pre-set full-screen-height setting, and no fixed screen aspect ratio when setting one yourself manually--you have to set height and width independently. You can't watch the intro and ending in your own screen settings, only in the default "simulated arcade screen" settings.
Network play seemed to work okay and the default but optional AST grew on me. Some of the unlockable concept art is interesting. Runs in 1080p.
In single player there were numerous times when the game seemed to swallow inputs with a lot of activity on-screen, but that may just be how Final Fight works, I don't remember. The game likes to bury you in baddies, forcing you (or at least, me) to burn your own health bar using your special move to get out. The bosses and toughs hit you with ~single-frame attacks. I guess they aren't as bad as the Konami Ninja Turtles bosses who came just after, but they aren't good.
Magic Sword wasn't quite as flash-FX-heavy as I'd feared but there were some annoying lightning storms at boss fights and so forth. It was also maybe a little more fun than I remembered, only the constantly respawning (or something?) enemies thing gets real old, and I don't really understand why you're rescuing the same sidekicks over and over and over.
That Street Fighter USA "Final Fight" episode I unlocked: .
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