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Final Fight 2
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  paleface [sys=SNES; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=JPN]

Played on the default Medium difficulty in the Mesen emulator, with a ROM I dumped from the cartridge using a Sanni Cart Reader V5 (see entry 1526).
The regular enemies are kinda tiny compared to the player sprite but the boss sprites are just amazing designs. Music pretty good, kinda noodly. Sound FX are fantastic though. ^_^
This is a beefy beat-em-up! The two-button play is really solid and I didn't get the feeling of cheap difficulty like I did with FF1 (arcade port) the last time I played it (on PS3). Well, okay, the last two bosses have too much health; those battles went on for so long! = PPP
Fights against even the regular enemies stay pretty interesting because of the variety of behaviors they have: one type really tries to flank you, another slowly approaches and blocks and grabs, another does long diving jump-ins, another bull-rushes you, etc. You're always having to make choices about which way to move or attack, which is just what you want in a beat-em-up.
Maybe could have been more weapons to pick up. Not sure about the way Carlos wields that 2x4. ; )
As far as I've read and watched, the US version differs from this JP version in a few ways:
- The two regular female enemies get turned to male enemies in the US version
- First boss Won Won doesn't have his cleaver in the US version
- US version has English text instead of Japanese for the story bits, of course
- US version has more screens at the end saying to play on a harder difficulty
- The JP version has Expert difficulty available from the start, whereas GameFAQs etc say you gotta beat Hard to unlock Expert so I guess that's for the US version?
Had neglected the Mesen emulator setting that forces the NES and SNES to run at 60 fps instead of their native 60.1, so there are some dropped frames in this video wherever that extra .1 fps got choked up trying to fit into a 60 fps recording, or something. : PPP
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