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Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]
A port of the first (I think) of Capcom's SNES Mickey team-up platform games, and either I suck at platform games a lot more than I thought or this game is just incredibly hard. I mean, either Mickey or Minnie (they don't really team up as far as I can see, you just pick one or the other to play as at the beginning) faces a nearly nonstop parade of death pits, beds of spikes, gigantic bosses, fish that you can barely see and that kill you in one big chomp, and so forth. Gad!
To counter these threats you get costumes. I guess there are three, I've only got one so far, the sorcerer (well I'm playing as Minnie so the sorceress) costume, in which you can cast little blue magic bolts short distances. Real short distances, and they kind of sag. Oh and the magic is limited, and you also can't pick up stunned enemies and throw them as you can without a costume. I've seen the other costumes in minigames and you can see that they obviously each have a specialty, and you'll have to switch between them to get through the game. The switching is with shoulder buttons and it's one to rotate, the other to select, which seems like a pain to me for some reason.
HARD, this game is. I'm currently stuck at a section pretty much at the beginning of the second world where you have to get over a huge, several-screen-long pit by jumping off an irregular succession of erratic falling leaves. And don't even get me started on having to balance on the top of a giant tomato rolling down a vine. Whoever came up with this stuff is EVIL.
And so's Minnie, actually--take a look at her eyes. Brrr!
Other than Minnie's freak eyes the game and maybe the alarming bulge in the "friendly" magicians robe, the game has the lovely round bouncey happy graphics you'd expect in a Disney thing, especially in one made by Capcom. The backgrounds are somewhat static (though well drawn) and in one boss fight I've been through there was some really incredible sprite flicker. And really the characters don't animate much. In still shots it looks pretty but playing it you get the feeling that they could stand to give their engine a kick in the pants.
This game has kicked *my* pants, that's for sure. I'm scared of it. It's hardcore platform stuff and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Oh wait, I should just try playing on Easy.
You can retreat to the four minigames--but not really, because they're hard as nails too. There's one for each costume (regular, sorcerer, fireman, climber), two being distance races along platforms floating in the sky, the other two being sort of battle arena type things where you have to break a respawning gold block to get certain items. You're going for time or score and breaking the default times took some doing for me. However, these would probably be a lot more fun two-player, since both of you would suck roughly equally.
So... oof. I want to try the minigames two-player, and then I guess I'll hope that some day I'll feel like taking on the massive challenge of single-player. Eight year old boys everywhere are laughing at me. I made the mistake of reading some user reviews and one rated the challenge as "Child's play." Ouch.
  paleface 02:20:10 11/16/03
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  "THIS was where I started to get frightened."
Wait! No, that last one I was already frightened, then those angry... long... white... things... Well.
  paleface 02:31:00 11/16/03
I forgot to mention--the music isn't very good, and gets sort of annoying after a while.
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