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Bless yer cheatin' heart.

Awright there's fun cheatin' and dastardly cheatin'. Th' latter would be somethin' like hackin' yer character file so's ya won't die in multiplayer. That's pretty rare: as far as I kin tell I've never found someone doin' that. The former, fun cheatin', is possible in Outlaws 'cause'a the option that lets the host of a game enable or disable cheat codes.

I didn't think mucha these codes
fer a while, but now that I've learned some more they can really spice up an Outlaws session. I particularly like usin' OLSTINNETT in single-player mode fer some mini-gun fun. Anywhoo, here's my lista cheats that I ripped offa some other Outlaws site a long time ago. Some'a the informational ones ya kin use in multiplayer even with cheats disabled, like OLMEMORY an' OLNETWORK. Others, like OLSHAW, are jus' plain fun ta mess around with.

Ta use a cheat ya jus' type it in durin' normal gameplay. If ya see a lil' message in th' upper left corner of yer screen, it prob'ly worked. Of course if ya try ta use most of th' cheats in a multiplayer game where th' host has disabled cheat codes they simply won't work. If th' host HASN'T disabled cheat codes, th' cheat will work but everyone will get a message saying you're cheating, an' you'll flash yellow ta boot. An' of course ya gotta take yer hands off th' controls ta type a code in, durin' which time you'll make an easy target fer whoever comes along. Nobody ever said bein' a cheater was easy.


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 file   cheats   Tired of regular gameplay? Try these.