character   These folks don't tend to get along too well.    
Fun with two guns? The doctor is in... Is that a skillet or... Nice hat, Marshal. Now let's see that's one...two. Ahah! Where's the gun?

The gang's all here.
Okay this is a bad pun but I'm gonna use it anyway: Outlaws has more character than any other 3D shooter. Five more, in most cases (there that wasn't so bad now was it?).

In multiplayer you can choose from any one of six outlaws, each a badass in their own unique way (well maybe with one exception). For the most part they're pretty well balanced against each other, but their particular skills will give one an advantage over another in certain situations. Each has advantages and disadvantages that you can use to YOUR advantage: know yer enemy, know yerself!

Outlaws has more character than any other 3D shooter.

Personally I find some characters
much more effective killers than others. My personal favorite has nothin' to do with that, though; he's just fun to play with. Which one is it? Read on...

Oh I should also mention that each Outlaws has certain custom .wav format taunts that you can use to piss people off in a multiplayer match. Find out how ta do that in the file section.

At th' bottom of each character page you'll find a link to list of their actual Outlaws stats; check that against what wrote an' you'll see jus' how wrong I am!

++ The Fightin'est Outlaws in the West ++
The ruffian named...   succeeds through...   but suffers from...
Matt "Dr. Death" Jackson   speed and sheer dastardliness   moral and constitutional infirmity.
"Bloody" Mary Nash   being the original Shotgun Mama   a proclivity for quacking under duress.
Ex-Marshal James Anderson   his quick crab-step and unmatched skill with a Winchester   lack of heavy firepower and general dullness.
Chief Two Feathers   close encounters and knife throwin' contests   a stereotypic illiteracy and lack of mechanical experience.
Bob Graham   heavy ordinance   immobility.
Spittin' Jack Sanchez   pistol speed and skill, cussin'   a glass jaw.

Custom Characters
    Outlaws stores character sprites in ".nwx" files. Thanks to Raptor's nifty "NWX Editor" (see the helpful files page) even a common farmhand like yourself can make a custom Outlaws character! Or better yet, take one someone else made! Just take a good .nwx, rename it bobgrahm.nwx, mary.nwx, james.nwx, sanchez.nwx, drdeath.nwx or twofeath.nwx, drop it in your Outlaws directory and BANGO, instant custom character sprite in multiplayer. Other people won't see it unless they do the same, of course... unless you're sneaky and put it in a map's .lab file. Ooo!
    Wally by Base {readme} A tall thin feller with a red polka-dot bandana, black hat and pants and a dirty blue shirt. Nice quality production.
    Batman by Base The Caped Crusader himself plus the Punisher as a bonus. Holy Conflicting Comic Companies, Batman! Also includes some custom interface graphics (flags mostly) for mod-makin' types.

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 character   These folks don't tend to get along too well.