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Sanchez goes bananas.
A 3D shooter wouldn't be much fun without lots of guns now would it? Well don't you fret 'cause Outlaws has firepower to spare, with nine different weapons (countin' fisticuffs, that is), each one suited for it's own brand of bloody mayhem.

Unlike most other shooters though, the weapons in Outlaws are historically accurate. No rocket launchers or phasers here; just good 'ol favorites like knives, pistols an gatling guns. They also model their projectiles quite carefully so when you fire a shotgun the game tracks each 'lil piece of buckshot and puts lots of nice little holes in whatever you were pointin' it at.

Another o-so-nifty feature is the "alternate fire" function which allows you to use many of the weapons in more than one way. Fer instance, regular fire shoots off both barrels of a double-barreled shotgun, while alternate fire let's you conserve yer precious ammo by emptyin' just one barrel at a time. How thrifty!

Each weapon has certain advantages and disadvantages,
and good players quickly learn to select the most effective weapon for their current situation. Fer instance, a rifle may wreak bloody havoc from afar, but when yer target gets up close and personal you'll have a helluva time hittin' it. Don't bring a knife to a dynamite fight!

I know, I know, y'all wanna know what weapon warms Paleface's cold little heart the most. Well, I ain't gonna make it that easy! Yer gonna hafta go and read about each weapon fer yerself...

After readin' my lil' opinionated blather 'bout each weapon, you'll see a link ta data extracted from th' Outlaws game files th' actual weapon variables fer all you number crunchin' types.

++ The Outlaws Arms Compendium ++
The...    is great for...
fist    desperate situations.
.45 pistol    shootin' lots of lead in close quarters.
.44 rifle    hittin' 'em when you can't see the whites of their beady little eyes.
single barrel shotgun    makin' each shot count.
double barrel shotgun    occasions where one barrel just won't do.
sawed-off shotgun    killin' everything that comes close.
T.N.T.    indiscriminate mayhem.
bowie knife    gettin' up close and personal.
gatling gun    losers who can't aim.
fist | pistol | rifle | shotgun | double | sawed | tnt | knife | gatling

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 weapon   How to make friends and influence people.